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Bailey only has Irish title love so doesn’t mind McDonagh Monaghan flirting

The potential of a future fight with a name known Stateside doesn’t add further motivation to David Bailey [7(1)-0] ahead of his Irish title fight with Paddy McDonagh [11-2] because just winning the green strap would allow the family man to retire happy.

Confident of victory on the Beginning card set for the National Stadium and July 7 team McDonagh have looked to open talks with Seanie Monaghan [29(17)-1].

Assassin Promotions are looking at a September Irish title fight between the Westmeath man and the Long Island light heavy if a price can be agreed.

The fact Monaghan’s ambition is to win the Irish title rather than beat Paddy McDonagh means if Bailey was to emerge victorious he would blip stronger than the reigning champ on the American’s radar.

However, the Bristol born Galway light heavy’s focus is on McDonagh, winning the title and July 7th nothing else.

“Just the thought of fighting for the Irish title in the National Stadium is all the motivation I need. I was heartbroken when I broke my thumb. I thought I’d missed my chance,” he told Irish-Boxing.com mentioning the fall through of a March 3 scheduled fight.

“Honestly. I haven’t thought about beyond this fight. I’ve a tunnel vision on July 7th like nothing I’ve had in my career, but as you’re asking I’ll say without commitment that I’d fight Seanie if a fair offer is put to me.  My dream is to fight and win the Irish title at the National Stadium. 

“After July 7th, win or lose. I’m not sure if I’ll carry on. I’m very close to making the decision to hanging up the gloves and concentrating on enjoying my family life. 
Boxing has done so much for me as a human being. But now I think it’s becoming detrimental to my parental qualities. My kids deserve more commitment from their father.”

“So let’s say I am champion. I’d want a good offer to take me away from my family. I don’t care if it Madison Square Garden, The National Stadium, or in a turf shed in Connemara. It’s the camp and sacrifice that concerns me. Not the venue.”

The Amin Khan trained fighter also hasn’t taken offence to the fact that Team McDonagh are flirting with a big Monaghan fight while he still has to be moved out of the way.

In fact he almost respects the two time Irish light heavyweight champions confidence.

“I don’t think much of it,” he said with regard to the public courting of Monaghan.

“I suppose if I was in his shoes I’d be doing the same. Obviously he expects to win. As do I. I don’t find that disrespectful. It’s the mindset of a champion.”

Bailey understands he is underdog going into the fight. He admits he may not have the skill set of stylish southpaw McDonagh, but is confidence hasn’t wavered as a result.

“I’ve no personal motivation to beat Paddy. I’ve nothing but respect for the man. He’s a proven champion. I’m untested at that level. These things do go through my mind. But I’ve an inner desire and confidence in my ability that gives me no doubt I’ll win. I’m mixing it with top level guys in the gym, no problem.”

“I’m not flashy. I’ve a no nonsense style, but I am effective. That’s what it’s about. Finding a way to dominate your opponent over the course of the fight. Boxing is purely about levels regardless of how slick you look in the gym or in clips of sparring- and I am not insinuating Paddy does that.”

“I tip my hat to the man at my weight that can truly beat me. When I’m fit and hungry. I really do rate the man to beat me. Fair play to the man that does! That’s why I’ll make sure I’m on my ‘A game’ come July 7th. Because IF I lose I want to be happy and shake the better man’s hand,” he added before reflecting on camp and revealing the sound track of his Gloucester based training camp is Irish Dance sets.

“I’ve been having a good camp. I’ve known this fight was happening for a long time and been in the gym even with the broken thumb doing what I can.

“As soon as my thumb healed up enough to punch I was straight back into the boxing gym with my coach Amir Khan in the gym funnily enough, is based at the Gloucester Irish club! You can hear the Irish dance classes next door some nights and on weekends.”


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