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Back To The Future Card Undercard Report

PAUL Hyland Jr tamed wild manĀ Pepi Perov to push his record to 4-0 on the Back To The Future fight card on Saturday night.

The 24 year old lightweight was once again presented with awkward opposition and once again came out on top registering a 40-35 points win in front of vocal support.

Perov, who won his one previous fight, came out swinging from the off. He threw hooks from the back of the room and was hard for ‘Hylo’ or anyone watching to figure out.

Hyland matched fire with fire in the first two stanza’s and even dropped the Bulgarian in the first, but looked a lot more comfortable when he brought the jab into play after over the last two rounds.

Perov, who played the perfect panto villain, kept trying to land bombs from a kick boxing stance, but Hyland did well to hold his composure to secure victory.

Gerard Healy also registered shut out points victory beatingĀ Yanko Marinov 40-36 over four rounds.

Healy was expected to beat the journey man, but still managed to impress in the way he achieved it.

The renowned battler produced a more refined performance and showed variation in his work over the 12 minutes.

He boxed on the back foot in the first round and even switch hit, in the second he pressured his foe more, whilst he counter punched in the third.

With the result in the bag ‘Boom Boom’ was happy to stand and trade in the last.

Darren Cruise lived up to his name and cruised to victory against Dee Taggart.

The Roscommon man boxed within himself to register a 40-36 points win. If the super middleweight had moved up through the gears he most likely could have stopped the Omagh native, but he was content to bank rounds.

Cruise did show an impressive skill set and range of punches and did enough to suggest a fight between him and the Irish middleweight’s he name dropped could be interesting.

Beflast based Portugal native Julio Cesar registered points victory in his first ever pro fight. Cesar came out a 39-37 after four rounds with Iain Jackson.


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