“Anyone can go fight journeymen” – New pro Eddie Treacy keen for instant domestic duels

He might never be a pound-for-pound king but Eddie Treacy may turn out to be the euro-for-euro Irish ring king.

The 26-year-old turns over on the ‘Rise Again’ card this coming Saturday and, rather than promise titles or world domination. the debutant is predicting value for money.

The Jay Byrne protégé claims his main goal is to entertain and be involved in memorable scraps.

Knowing that it takes two tango, and believing you’re never going to get all 10s Strictly Come Dancing-style with a journeyman as a dance partner, Treacy is already looking for all Irish clashes.

A domestic clash wasn’t possible for this Assassin Promotions show and journeyman opposition – Slovakian Rastislav Frano [6(3)-16(11)-2] – will be in the away corner in Tallaght’s National Basketball Arena this weekend.

However, having originally agreed to fight Gerard Healy and Jordan Lattimer before his debut was postponed, ‘The Honey Badger’ has proved he is domestic willing.

“I just want to be involved in good scraps, good tear ups,” Tracey told Irish-Boxing.com.

“Anyone can go fight journeymen but I want to fight good lads and give people their money’s worth. I don’t want to get in with lads that fall over with the first shot you land,” he added before responding to questions as to whether people have questioned his planned approach.

“They do, but I don’t have much time. I am 26 and you don’t have much time in this career you want to be getting in the biggest fights possible. That’s the way I see it.”

It may seem Treacy is more keen to win the Irish Fight of the Year Award than any straps but that isn’t necessarily the case.

The Bray fighter wants the Irish middleweight tile to one day decorate his waist and points out, while he wants to be tested, he is confident he can pass domestic tests without learning on the job.

“The Irish title is the goal for me. If you don’t fight good lads you’re not going to be in with a chance to win it.”

“I am not taking a fight if I don’t believe I am going to win it. I believe I can beat these lads and I have the power to do so. There is no excuse not to take these fights. ”

“I want to be involved in good scraps but I want to win too.”


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