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“Angered” Darragh Foley hits out at “strange” Declan Geraghty

Darragh Foley  [19(9)-4(0)-1] says Declan Geraghty [20(5)-5(4)] just wanted the honour of seeing his name beside the Australian based fighter’s when hitting out at an ‘extremely strange’ call out.

Geraghty name dropped his fellow Dub in April of 2020, revealing he was moving up in weight and felt a ‘Pretty Boy’ versus ‘Super’ pairing would make for a good Irish light welterweight title fight.

The EU silver medallist was sure to try to take a respectful tone when planting the fight Foley seed, but the Sydney-based puncher admits he was angered by the ‘strange’ call out regardless.

Foley argues fighting at that particular time was impossible and suggests his fellow southpaw’s timing proves the move was a publicity stunt.

“This whole Deco Geraghty thing came about when my fight in Kazakhstan v The Uzbek Golden Balls [Fazliddin Gaibnazarov] got cancelled due to the O.G Covid a week before I was due to fly out. A few weeks later I’m getting tagged in shite saying ‘Deco has offered to fight me’ and stuff along those lines,” starts Foley when asked about Geraghty by Irish-Boxing.com.

“In fact, he actually reached out to you guys to get his words published I believe. Now I’m not sure if Deco was holidaying in a parallel universe or if that’s where he usually resides but, in the real world, my world, there was a global pandemic. I couldn’t leave Australia, barely my own house, so reading that shite was very strange, weird, and angering.”

“I mean, we physically can’t fight? I was only able to leave Australia last month after near on two years, so do you really want to fight me or are you just using my name so people put our names in the same sentence? Extremely strange.”

Regardless of how the call out was perceived, it has generated interest in what would be an interesting clash of styles. In fact, it’s rumoured DDP Sports would love to promote it on their proposed May National Stadium card, although Foley doesn’t seem overly keen.

Taking a swipe at the stylist’s UBO ‘world title’ win, the Blanch native said.

“Anyway, I’m glad Deco has turned his career around and won a World title. It wasn’t so long ago he was fighting five barmen a month in Liechtenstein only to come back and get sparked out by a Frank Warren fighter in a fight he was ‘winning’. Each to their own, good luck to him I hope he unifies with Josh Taylor.”

Foley also recently told Eddie Hearn he can help him crack Australia – and that he was willing to fight new signing Liam Paro to prove it.

Geraghty has also been linked to Jake Hanney and a Celtic Clash Irish title fight has been mooted.


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