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All-out war – WATCH comedian spar Tyrone McKenna in preparation for charity fight with Paddy Barnes

Possibly not the best prep for Paddy Barnes but Sir Stevo Timothy has gone to war sparring with six foot plus southpaw Tyrone McKenna.

The comedian is set to fight the Irish boxing funny man for charity later this summer and has already started camp.

The rumour has the Galway fighter visiting a number of gyms in the West and footage of him sparring was leaked over the weekend.

Timothy has been up in Dublin, training under the watchful eye of Pete Taylor and getting in rounds with light welterweight, McKenna.

WIth two natural entertainers facing off ego was never going to allow for a technical workout!

Take a look for yourself below:

Two-time Olympic medal winner and Barnes and his future foe have already managed to raise over 30,000euro for the Irish Wheelchair Association, 10,000 of which came from Conor McGregor.

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The three time Olympian, two time Olympic medalist and world title challenger will have to get in a wheel chair to face his latest rival.

Speaking on why he decided to fight chase down a fight with Barnes Stevo Timothy explained:

“Many people out there may not realise is that I have incomplete paraplegia so I use a wheelchair or crutches to get around. Last year I decided to cycle a bike 5km and ended up raising over 63,000 euros for the Irish Wheelchair Association and had support from the likes of Tyson Fury, Gary Lineker, Freddie Flintoff, Paul McGrath, Dawn French and Joey Barton.

“This year I have decided to have a wheelchair boxing match with Belfast Olympic Winner Paddy Barnes. The rationale is to normalise wheelchair sports and to show those with disabilities that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, but also to get Paddy into a wheelchair to show able bodied people how difficult wheelchair life can be. We will also try to raise as much as possible for the Irish Wheelchair Association and Paddy’s choice (yet to decide)We would love your support in this endeavour and would hope that you would help to get the word out so that we can fully utilise this opportunity.”

If he manages to secure victory over the Irish amateur boxing legend the comedian may find himself on the radar of Ray Moylette who he previously insulted.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years