Advantages of In-Play Wagering on Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing is one of the most popular sports within online sportsbooks, and with good reason. When the big fights come around, everyone has an opinion, and betting sites allow them to put their money where their mouth is.

It’s also no surprise that Las Vegas is the Mecca of boxing since the city is renowned for gambling, and those that are lucky enough to be in attendance at the megafights are rarely afraid to put down a few dollars on their guy or girl.

While big sums of money are placed on competitors before the bell, many punters like to wait until the fight gets under way, and below are some of the main reasons why.

Better Idea of Tactics

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell exactly how a fight is going to go, especially when there is an interesting clash of styles and you think it might be like a chess match instead of an all-out brawl.

Once you have been able to watch a few rounds, you might think you have more of a grasp of how each fighter plans to win the bout.

Because of this, you can be more confident about your selection, and you can lock in your wager after two, three, or however many rounds you want.

Use Boxing Knowledge

If you are a boxing expert, you might know the tendencies of certain fighters, and while you might know that an individual likes to start slow before a late onslaught, the traders at some online bookmakers may react to them losing a couple of rounds by offering bigger odds than you could have got pre-fight.

You might also be able to sense when a fighter is beginning to struggle or has been having problems with an injury and use this to your advantage.

It is best to stick to just one division or one stable of fighters, so that you know this particular group of fighters inside out and make educated wagers every time.

Fluctuating Odds

Before a fight, the odds are likely to be very similar across the board, especially if it is considered a 50-50 fight like the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder rematch was.

If you’re lucky, you might get 6/5 on a fighter that is priced at Evens elsewhere, but you’re not going to see any massive differences from one online betting site to the next.

However, in-play, there are many more opportunities to grab good odds. One trader might see the fight going one way, but another one may disagree and price it up as such.

You could even back both fighters at odds-against at various points during the bout, and in doing so secure a profit.

Alternative Markets

The fight winner market is always the most popular, but you can choose from a range of other bets in-play, too.

Method of victory can be wagered on in-play, as well as the number of knockdowns, round betting, and other requested bets that pop up on various betting sites.

You do still need a good base knowledge of the sport and the fighters in order to make such bets, so be sure to educate yourself as much as possible before diving in.


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