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A guide to getting started in boxing


When you are starting out in a brand new sport it can be hard to know where to begin and boxing is no exception. If you have decided to start boxing for the first time then it is important to follow a few basic guidelines so you don’t get hurt. Here is our basic guide for getting started in boxing.


  • Find a professional boxing trainer


This is the most important advice you can follow. In a contact sport such as boxing, with all the potential risks for injury, it is vital that you learn how to do it properly, from a fully trained coach so look out for a boxing gym with professional boxing trainers.

Check out their credentials and talk to other people who train there first and always visit the place before parting with any money. Make sure they have a history of boxing training and it’s not just an add-on – if they work from a specialist boxing gym so much the better.


  • Buy the right equipment


Once you have found someone professional to teach you, ask their advice on what equipment you need to buy and where they recommend you should buy it from. You will need boxing sportswear, gloves and protective items like mouth guards. Check out reviews on sites like https://www.sportzbits.com/ for some options.

If you buy ill-fitting or cheap gear you could end up getting badly hurt in training so make sure you buy the right equipment which fits you properly and is good quality.


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  • Master the basic boxing techniques


Make sure you practice your basic techniques and don’t expect to be fighting in the ring on day one – it takes time to learn the skills required for boxing. Here are some of the basic skills you should be learning before you think about a fight:

Boxing Stance

This stance enables beginners to be in the perfect position to defend and attack, with both hands ready. There are more advanced stances as you perfect your skills but master this one first.

Basic Footwork

In boxing you need to keep your feet off the ground and avoid jumping as it uses up energy. As a beginner you will need to learn how to pivot and how to do the step drag footwork. Once you know the footwork you are always ready to attack, defend or move out of the way.

Punching techniques

You will need to master the art of throwing punches to be able to start boxing. It’s about using your body weight behind it, without losing your balance. As a beginner you need to learn the basic punching positions initially and then you can start to develop your own style as you advance.

For all punch styles, apart from the jab, you need to turn your body and pivot on your feet – this is a useful tip for all beginners to remember. It’s important to keep you balance as you put all your power into the punch.

Your non-punching hand should always be defending the other side of your body. Here is a quick look at some of the basic punches in boxing:

The left jab

This is one of the most important moves in boxing and involves keeping your body still as you move your left fist forward in a straight line. You need to pull it straight back after impact to defend yourself again.

A jab is a long, fast punch and can be used for both attack and defence as well as for many other strategic reasons during a fight.

The right cross

This is one of your strongest punches, assuming you are right handed and involved rotating your upper body and hips, as you pivot on your right foot. You need to launch your right fist, from chin height and turn it to land palm down.

If you combine a jab with a right cross, this is known as the basic one-two combination which is an incredibly useful manoeuvre in a fight.

The left hook

This is the punch which has the most power and is the most deadly move you can make in a boxing match. You need to pivot your feet, drop your right heel and lift your left heel. In this manner your whole body rotates and you swing your left fist towards the target.

As it comes from a side angle, the opponent will have difficulty defending and it can also turn their head on impact, making them feel dizzy. You need to be careful how you use this deadly punch as a beginner until you have control over it properly.

Boxing can be a very enjoyable sport and great way to keep fit as well as meeting like-minded people so as long as you find a professional coach, have all the right safety equipment and master the basics properly, you should be off to a flying start in your new hobby.


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