A Closer Look at Boxing in Ireland and Betting on It

Betting on boxing is something that can be very enjoyable and profitable if you happen to know what you are doing. Only in a fighting sport can a one-sided clash be turned on its head after a second of pure brilliance. The odds can end up being flipped in an instance and in a sport with such unpredictability, the opportunities for fans to prosper have been plentiful. Since humans started fighting with their fists for sport, punters have lined up to place money on who they think will come out on top. 

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Betting on Boxing 

Boxing is very entertaining to watch if you do not have a bet on it, but if you decide to place a bet on a fight then you can increase the entertainment levels quite drastically. If you are watching a fight and it is a bit boring, you can solve that issue by placing a bet. Common betting markets in boxing include the following:

  • The fighter that will win the fight
  • The round the fight will finish in
  • The way the fight will end – points, knockout, technical knockout, or disqualified

If you are feeling like Lady Luck is on your side, you can make a boxing accumulator where you guess the round in which a number of boxing matches will end in. These bets are hard to get correct, but the difficulty level of winning this type of bet is reflected in the odds provided. For example, if you bet that 4 bouts will finish in Round 4, and you are correct, then you will walk away with thousands. 

Before you place a bet on boxing, you obviously need to have an account with a bookmaker. There are plenty of boxing betting sites for Irish and British boxing fans to make use of. In fact, there are so many great bookies out there that it can end up being quite tricky to find the best ones to use. We know this feeling too and have had trouble in the past, which is why we use the comparison site that you can find if you click the previous link. They have betting experts that have spent a lot of their time analysing all of the best bookmakers. As well as in-depth reviews, you will also be able to find sports betting tips and other valuable information.

Boxing in Ireland 

Historically, boxing has been regarded as a popular and culturally significant sport in Ireland. In fact, since the sport came into being, great fighters from the Emerald Isle have helped to shape it, adding pieces of history along the way. Boxing fans will definitely have heard of the likes of Rinty Monaghan, Steve Collins, Dave McAuley, and Barry McGuigan. 

However, over the last decade or so, the landscape has changed a lot and it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that boxing has not been quite as popular in Ireland recently as it once was. The rise of superstar fighters such as Conor McGregor might have really enhanced the reputation of UFC in Ireland, but he has arguably taken some of the light off the country’s biggest boxing stars. 

This is not exclusive to Ireland though, all over the world MMA and other types of combat sports have risen in popularity, captitalising on boxing’s greed over the last couple of decades – greedy promoters, only a handful of truly great fighters, and pointless World Title belts have all severely undermined boxing over the last decade or so. 

But that could all be starting to change once again. Boxing is actually going through a bit of a mini renaissance recently thanks to the exciting talent that can be found in the heavyweight division such as Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Anthony Joshua. Then, there is the likes of Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Junior in the middleweight division. The aforementioned talented boxers have certainly helped to rekindle more interest in boxing.

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The Current Boxing Scene in Ireland 

Ask boxing fans in Ireland who the current star is, and we are sure that they will not say Paddy Barnes or Michael Conlan, despite the fact they are very good boxers. Instead, we reckon that they are more likely to mention Katie Taylor, who has become one of the greatest female fighters ever. She won the gold medal at the Olympics in 2012 and then went on to win the World Championships four times in a row. Her success in the boxing world has inspired girls from all over the world to take up boxing, but she has also given boxing fans across Ireland someone to cheer on. 

If you decide to bet on her to win, then you will win your bet most of the time, but you will not make much of a profit since the odds will be low.  Therefore, it is probably best to stick with the method of victory or the round that the fight will end in if you are betting on a fight involving Taylor. 

So, what is the future of boxing in Ireland? The boxing cynics might debate that the lack of super stars, apart from Taylor, Barnes, and Conlan is a sign that the sport will struggle when it comes to appealing to the boxing masses. While there is probably some truth in this, the passionate support for Taylor is solid proof that Ireland’s love for boxing is not going to disappear anytime soon.  


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