“I’d fight an Irish lad tomorrow” pledges Eddie Treacy following quick debut KO

Ignasi Caballero made his own bed so Eddie Treacy [1(1)-0] was forced to make him lie in it on Saturday night. 

The Bray light middle had a four-round game plan for his pro debut on the ‘Rise Again’ card in Tallaght but, when he the opponent made, Treacy taste leather, the Jay Byrne-managed fighter was never going to do anything other than to spit out with some venom. 

One of four debutants on the Assassin Promotion card explained how he was hoping his first round in pro boxing would play out on the jab but, after his opponent caught him with early shots, his ego wouldn’t allow him not to respond.

And respond he did, with Treacy laying out the Spanish visitor for a 29-second KO – which included a ten-count! 

“I was planning on four rounds. The first round I was meant to feel him out on the jab, but when you have a lad running at you it’s hard to do that. Then he lands one or two and you think ‘I look bad here’. So I had to go for it,” Tracey told Irish-boxing.com while obviously still drunk on adrenaline.

“Honestly, that wasn’t the game plan. I was meant to stick to the boxing but when you’re in there you’re not having that. When he landed it looked bad on me so it was ‘fuck this’ time.”

“I caught him with a right hand. I felt like it landed clean but I thought he was going to get back up. I was hoping he was so I could get a few rounds.”

The sentiment is one which was shared by his fellow light middleweight debutant Martin Wall who made his knockout bow minutes earlier and Treacy also shares the Crumlin fighter’s desire for early all-Irish fights.

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The Wicklow puncher has been open about his desire to be in domestic dust ups and entertaining fights. Indeed, he initially wanted to debut against a fellow Irish pro but upon reflection is now happy he didn’t have to battle a more capable fighter on top of the massive excitement levels in the National Basketball Arena.

“I’d fight an Irish lad tomorrow, I mean that,” he pledged.

“I am not just saying it and I would have fought one tonight but, looking back now, it might be okay fighting a lad like that [Caballero] just to get the feel of it, the feel of fighting and the whole experience around it.”

“People say you might be nervous but I could just feel excitement through my body. It was mad. You’re buzzing especially when the crowd is going mental.”

“I’d say all the boys were out there twisted. My fans are half maniacs so I’ll have to battle to stay composed,” the puncher who did 100 tickets explained before revealing he was delighted just to have fought.

“With all the changes today and the cancellation I had before, I said I wasn’t counting my blessings until I saw him in the ring opposite me.”

“Look what happened poor Lynn Harvey today, it’s sickening, so I am just delighted to get a fight and now a win.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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