Rio Ferdinand Retirement From Boxing Due To Licensing Issue


Rio Ferdinand, 39, recently confirmed in a statement that he is retiring from boxing before even having the chance to fight in the ring. This is reportedly due to a refusal of a boxing licence. After sending notice to the British Boxing Board of Control, or the BBBoC, he intended to apply for a new boxing licence. He went on to say that he had received confirmation from the BBBoC that they would, “not be reviewing my application at this point in time.”


The boxer took his frustration to Facebook, where he announced that “to not be given the chance to demonstrate my ability to the BBBoC through the standard assessment afforded to others is hard to take.” He went on to say that he is hanging up his gloves with a heavy heart. In a post on Twitter, Ferdinand went on to say, “Having been training 4-5 times a week since announcing the aim of achieving a professional boxing licence & stepping into the ring, it is with a heavy heart that I am hanging up my gloves on @Betfair #DefendertoCondenter challenge.”


Ferdinand Disappointed With The Outcome


Ferdinand is a former Manchester United and English footballer who decided after a successful career in football to take up boxing. His recent intention was to compete in Betfair’s Defender to Contender challenge later this year.


He has since found work as a football pundit on the days he wasn’t boxing, and has since said that he had, “never felt better physically or mentally.” “To say I’m disappointed by this decision is an understatement.”


He has also since added, “Boxing is a physically tough, demanding and dangerous sport. I always gave it my utmost respect and never underestimated how difficult it would be. I wanted to show people that it’s OK to have a goal and strive to reach it. It’s important to approach everything with success in mind, and to give it your all, but sometimes things work against you.”


The British Boxing Board of Control


The BBBoC is a United Kingdom based organisation that governs all official boxing that takes place within the country. Potential boxers that want to take their careers to a more commercial level need to apply for a boxing licence through the BBBoC before they can be signed on to any boxing contracts. Applying for a licence can be a long and gruelling process, and has seen many boxers having to retire from the sport earlier than expected.


Their decisions also have a profound effect on other closely related industries, such as those involved with online sports betting. Those taking part in UK sports betting, and other types of industry betting, such as live AFL betting, rely on governing bodies like the BBBoC in order to wager on the players that are taking part in various matches and tournaments.


As for Ferdinand, while his professional boxing career might have come to an end, he maintains that he will continue practising the sport in his every day life, making it an important part of his fitness regime.


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