5 gift ideas for a boxing fan

There are all types of sports fans in this world but none are quite like boxing fans. Some boxing fans in your life may love to watch two heavyweights duke it out in the ring, while others may want to jump in the ring themselves and spar a few rounds. Either way, when thinking of a gift for these people, you know something related to the sport of boxing will be a knockout! Here are 5 great gift ideas for any type of boxing fan. 

DAZN Subscription 

Your favorite boxing fan will be able to tell you that is has become harder and harder over the years to watch boxing on TV. There are fewer fights readily available and the ones that are can be very expensive to get. This has changed recently with the entrance of DAZN to the boxing scene. This is a streaming service that offers a number of live sports around the world but specializes in boxing. They have exclusive deals for fights from some of the world’s top fighters such as Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Anthony Joshua, and many more.

For a monthly subscription fee of around $20 a month or $100 for the year, your boxing fan will get access to so many top live fights along with access to exclusive behind the scenes and other types of boxing content. It is a boxing-lovers dream and something that the boxing fan in your life will get a ton of use out of over the coming months and year. 

Punch Tracker 

In 2020, the access to information we have through technology about pretty much everything is staggering. Boxing training is no exception. Digital punch trackers are a great way to get more information about every punch a boxer throws during training and makes a great gift for boxers who are serious about the sport whether they do it for fitness, fun, or more serious pursuits. 

Punch trackers count and analyze every punch a boxer throws during a workout. It connects to a smartphone app and can tell a boxer and their trainer all sorts of things such as what types of punches were thrown, speed, impact, reaction time, and more. For the boxers who are more worried about fitness than form, it can also give stats on things like calories burned during a cardio workout. Using all this info, a boxer can measure progress and make decisions on what to work on to take their training to the next level. 

Hand Wraps 

Of course, a new pair of boxing gloves for the favorite boxer in your life is a great idea and a gift that they will appreciate. The thing about this gift though is that first, anyone who knows that they box can come up with the idea for gloves and second, a new pair of really nice boxing gloves can be very expensive. That is why hand wraps are such a great idea and make an incredibly thoughtful gift for them and one that will not break the bank for you. 

If your boxer goes to a gym and wears the hand wraps that are provided by the gym, to be honest, that is kind of gross. These hand wraps get used by so many different people in the gym and can get pretty gnarly. Using the gym’s hand wraps is kind of like sharing gym socks that have been used by multiple people and that is not great. You can get great, professional-grade hand wraps for under $10 and they come in multiple colors so you can personalize them for your special boxer. 

Kool8 Water Bottle 

There are a few things that are critical when you are training as a boxer. You need to know how to throw a punch, you need to know how to duck a punch, and you also need to stay hydrated. While the Kool8 water bottle will not help a boxer hit harder or be hit less, it will help them keep hydrated and do it in style. 

This eco-friendly, socially conscious, fully insulated, industrial-strength water bottle was named one of the best of 2020 by Giftwits. It combines all the functionality and durability you need to be a boxer’s water bottle along with a cool, sleek look that will make it the envy of the boxing gym. The Kool8 water bottle is versatile too so the person you give it too will get lots of use out of it even beyond the gym. It also is a tea infuser and keeps hot beverages hot too so it can be used for work, play, or anything in-between. 

Desktop Punching Bag 

Unfortunately for boxing fans, there are lots of times throughout the day where they probably would love to throw a few jabs or even a big hook to relieve some stress but find that they are not able to. This is where a desktop punching bag comes in handy. Boxing is a great way to work out any aggressive feelings you have and alleviate stress but outside of the gym, you generally are not able to throw a few punches to get a better sense of calm. With a desktop punching bag through, you can have a nice, safe landing spot for you punches right in your offices to help you relax at any time of the day. 

For a small, desktop punching bag like this, you want to make sure it is made of quality, durable material and has a strong spring attachment to help it bounce back and stand up straight. It is also important that the suction cup or fastener on the bottom is strong enough that it does not fly off the desk when it takes a good 1-2 combination from its users. The good news is, even a high-quality desktop punching bag will not cost all that much. 


Getting a gift for the boxing fan in your life can seem challenging but hopefully, with these few ideas, you can find something that they will truly love. Any of these gifts will be loved by a boxing fan and when they receive it, they will be down for the count. 


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