Waiting on the call- our Q and A with Seanie Monaghan

By Dermot Bolger

When we spoke to Sean Monaghan last year, he was 25-0 and ranked in the top ten with the 4 major governing bodies. Kovalev, Stevenson and Braehmer held the titles between them. Irish Seanie was hoping his chance would come soon.

Nine months on, the status quo remains the same. His ledger is now 27-0 and he has nudged his way up higher in the WBO rankings by adding that divisions NABO light heavyweight belt to his waist.

Frustratingly though, the American with Navan heritage still hasn’t got the shout that he’s next in line for any of the main title holders. That could all change soon he hopes.

1) You are now firmly established in the top 10 of all 4 major governing bodies. Any sign of you nailing down that World title shot ?

Right now I’m in a good spot but a frustrating spot. It feels like I rose from number 1000 to number 3 faster than I’m rising from 3 to 1. I’ve been assured by Top Rank that big things are next !

2) With a 27-0 record, and holding 2 versions of the North American title, surely your claims can’t be ignored ?

I’ve got those 2 continental titles but more importantly I’m ranked #3 in the WBO, and #5 in both the WBA and IBF. I’m undefeated and a fan friendly fighter, so something big will come. I’m willing to fight anyone, even a title shot eliminator or something like that.      

3) Braehmer, Kovalev and Stevenson are still holding the belts – any preferences as to who you would like?

To be honest I’d just love a shot at any of them. Top Rank told Main Events to make us an offer to fight Kovalev, I’d fight him in Russia if that’s where they want to do it. We’ve been trying to get a fight with the Germans for a long time . As for Stevenson, the problems between our promoters probably stops any chance of that fight happening right now but that’s a fight I would love too.                                  

4) There has been some whispers about an offer from the Braemer camp in the pipeline. Any concerns about travelling to Germany if it happens ?

There’s always concerns when fighting out of your own country, Especially in Germany. I’d be lying if I said I have no concerns fighting there but I’ll just use that as extra motivation and fuel for my training. I know I’d have to stop him or win extremely convincing to get that belt in Germany.                                             

5) Andre Ward is a star name to enter the light-heavyweight scene. What did you make of his recent performance in the division.

 I think Andre had a little ring rust and that he’s capable of much more than that. What I think is more impressive than his performance was his willingness to jump right in with a tough guy after a long layoff. He did the same thing after his last layoff, jumping right in with Edwin Rodriguez. He believes in himself and doesn’t shy away from tough competition, I respect that.
6) Since your last fight against Forsman in Feb, are you back in the gym waiting for word on your next outing ?

I’m in a weird spot where my phone can ring for the big one any day now so I can’t afford to get out of shape and get caught slipping, so I’m in the gym staying sharp, helping out a few local guys with some sparring.

7) Do you take much time off after fights ?

 I usually take about 2 weeks off from the boxing gym but I always do at least one workout a day and a good run every morning. I do 3 workouts a day when I’m in training camp so doing 1 or 2 a day is a vacation for me. Like I said my phone can ring any day now and all these years of work would be for nothing if my phone rang today and I wasn’t ready for the biggest fight of my career.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years