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Two in your face, hungry, World ranked Irish fighters-what more would you want says Fitzpatrick

Opinions might be split, but Irish fight fans would be united in joy if a clash between Eamonn O’Kane and Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan was made claims Paddy Fitzpatrick.

A Cork Derry battle between two World ranked middleweight contenders has been muted from the majority of 2016. Both fighters and their teams have said they are more than willing, indeed Eddie Hearn planned to put on his now cancelled April 30 show in Belfast.

With Hearn postponing the aforementioned show until after the Summer break at least the fighters, who both lost World title eliminators last time out, are in limbo regarding fighting each other.

That, however hasn’t stopped O’Kane’s trainer getting excited about the prospect and calling for it to be made.

“When is the last time we have had such a well matched all Irish showdown in such an important fight for both men,” Fitzpatrick said on social media.

“Both world ranked, both in your face, both wanting it as bad as the other. Two world ranked Irish middleweights would have opinions split but all the Irish fans happy.”


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