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Quigg: Frampton loses his rag and that plays into my hands

Carl Frampton has shown he is unable to control his emotion and that will prove his ultimate downfall claims Scott Quigg.

‘The Jackal’s’ nemesis and his team have tried push a ‘Frampton can’t keep his cool’ mantra on the three day press tour late last year and seem to be sticking with in the New Year.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week the Matchroom fighter claimed Frampton is prone to losing his rag and stresses that will prove an advantage for him ahead of their World title fight.

“You saw he got carried away at the pressers. He loses his rag and that will be his downfall. There’s going to be a big crowd in there and it won’t bother me one bit,” said Quigg.

carl frampton v scott  quigg 2

Quigg claims the Manchester Arena will split 50/50 in terms of support-something Team Frampton will dispute- yet tried to suggest the passionate and vocal Jackal following might prove a disadvantage not advantage for the IBF super bantamweight champion.

“There’ll be 10,000 fans there for me and 10,000 for him. It’ll be a big atmosphere but one I can keep my cool in – you’ve seen in the pressers, he lost his cool. Especially in front of his own fans because he was quiet in London and quiet in Londonand quiet in Manchester.”

“When he feels like he’s got a bit of comfort blanket around him, he gets a big mouth, gets carried away and that will play in to my hands.”


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