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One down a lot more to go- Roe happy with pro debut win

Bernard Roe felt at home in a pro ring as he debuted in Liverpool on Saturday night.

The Dubliner registered a 40-35 one sided points victory, wining every round against Zaurs Sadihovs dropping the Latvian in the second.

The light middleweight told Irish-boxing.com he felt comfortable against an opponent with a winning record and enjoyed his first taste of vest free action.

Roe suggests lesson were learnt on the night, but believes more than ever now he is suited to the pro game.

“I enjoyed the experience of the pro game. I performed well I felt in control all the way through the fight. I did get a little excited when I put him down in the second. For the rest of the fight he was cautious, did a lot of running and spoiling but with time I’ll learn of to grind those kind of opponents down,” said Roe.

“I like the pace of the pro game and the way you get scored on your craft and quality of your work rather than just how many punches you land. I think that suits me more.”

Roe fought on a Malta Boxing Commission show on Saturday and if he follows that trend Dublin bouts might not be on the horizon, but the novice pro is keen to be kept busy and hopes to have four more fights before the year is done.

“Hopefully I’ll get out again in the middle of October and twice again before Christmas. I just want to stay active in the gym and in the ring learning new things all the time.”


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