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Fight Report: McCarthy goes 5-0 via sensational KO

Tommy McCarthy showed the perfect blend of panache and power en route to a highly impressive win at the Red Cow on Friday night.

Jakub Wojcik was meant to represent a step up in class for the novice pro, but McCarthy was levels above and dominated every round without having to consult top gear.

And as if by design just as he had banked five valuable rounds he landed a sensational hook to keep his 100 percent knock out record intact.

McCarthy fought with a controlled aggression in the first stanza, he waited for his opportunities and punished southpaw Jakub Wojcik for any mistakes.

He had his opponent marked early on and showed flashes of class. Three looping uppercuts to the body brought an end to the first round, and left the Pole wondering if there was any type of shot McCarhty hadn’t got in his arsenal.

‘Big Tommy’ again dominated the second showing the stature of a cruiserweight, but the fluidity of middleweight.

The former Senior champ came out firing in the third, it wasn’t quite Sugar Ray versus Hagler but he landed a flurry of sharp hooks as he piled on the pressure. Class replaced work rate in the later stage of the round and the Belfast fighter landed beautifully timed shots that drew Rick Flare style ‘Whoops’ from Tyrone McKenna in his corner.

By the end of the fourth the away fighter looked like he had taken enough punishment as the one sided display continued, but showed his metal and survived the fifth.

Whislt he was taken shots from every angle the tough away fighter looked like he would take McCarthy the distance for the first time in his pro career, but the Belfast puncher a show reel left hook to stop the fight.

McCarthy landed a left hook that folded his opponent and produced a harmonious groan from the watching crowd. There was no hope of recovery and David Irvine called a halt to proceeding 1:30 into the last round.


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