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3 Boxing Workouts You Can Do at Home

Boxing workouts are really intense because they’re designed to make a boxer fight-ready with high stamina, strength, and speed. This is why boxing workouts are considered as very hard. If you are a beginner who wants to become a fighter, here are 3 boxing workouts you can do at home.

Boxing Stance

Before you proceed to the actual workout, you must first master the fundamentals. The most basic thing to learn in boxing is the stance. Your stance will determine how your body moves and how you can generate power. The correct boxing stance balances your feet so that you’ll be able to move comfortably.

To attain the correct stance, put your left foot forward and angle it very slightly inward. Your right foot remains at the back, facing the right at around a 120-degree angle. Once you feel comfortable, bend your legs a bit and raise your arms up. Make sure your elbows are pointing downward and your right hand is just right in front of your chin.

4 Types of Punches

After you’ve mastered the stance, you now have to master the different punches. There are 4 punches to master– the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut. The jab is the simplest punch in which you’ll throw your leading hand forward while twisting your hip.

The next punch is the cross in which you’ll now throw your backhand while twisting your right foot inward. The hook is done like the cross, but instead of throwing a straight punch, you’ll be swinging your hand from the outside toward the inside. The last is the uppercut in which you’ll be driving a punch from downward going up.

3 Boxing Workouts You Can Do at Home

Now that you know how to attain a good stance and how to do the 4 basic punches, let’s move on to the boxing workouts.

  • Warm-up

Let’s start with the warm-up. For this exercise, you just need a jump rope and probably a yoga mat.

Start by doing some jump ropes. You can do 10 minutes of jump rope if you’re starting out, but you can increase the time once you get better. Also, try to jump rope faster each day. After doing the jump rope exercise, quickly throw the rope away and do 20 squats. After that, get on to the yoga mat and do 20 pushups. Once you’re done, follow it up by doing 40 crunches.

  • Heavy Bag Boxing

Now that you’ve done your warm-up, let’s get to the meat of the workout— punching bag boxing. This workout is very important because it develops your strength.

The standard procedure is to do 3-minute rounds of boxing with 30 seconds of rest after every 3 minutes. Do this five times. You can try to do combos while punching the bag. These are some of the common combos:

  • Jab cross
  • Jab jab cross
  • Jab cross hook
  • Cross hook cross
  • Hook cross hook
  • Jab cross hook cross
  • Jab cross jab cross hook hook

Note: If you don’t have a punching bag, you can make one at home. Fill a sack with rice or sand and hang it using a rope.

  • Shadow Boxing

After you finish the punching bag exercise, the next workout is shadow boxing. Shadow boxing helps you develop your speed and mental awareness. The standard procedure of shadow boxing is 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between every 3 minutes. Do this five times.

Just like in the punching bag workout, try doing several combos while moving around. You’ll eventually learn how to do combos naturally while moving from one place to another. It also helps if you have a full body mirror in front of you.


These 3 boxing workouts you can do at home are designed to be very intense and very strenuous, but they can make you very fit and muscular. Now, beginners might have a hard time doing these workouts because of their intensity. With this, it is recommended that beginners take things slow.

Gradually, you’ll get the hang of this sort of workout and be able to get your perfect form. You’ll also get the fit and toned body that you want. Most of all, you’ll be fighting fit!






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