Fitzpatrick believes he ready for step up

June 24 Jonny Stapleton

Ready Steady and Raring to Go: Fitzpatrick confident of victory

Some people have questioned the logic behind Brendan Fitzpatrick’s decision to take on experience two weight Irish champion Ciaran Healy in just his fourth paid outing.

But for Jim Rock’s protégé the reasoning behind him accepting a clash with the Irish light-heavy weight champion is simple, he is ‘ready’.

Healy is enjoying a late boxing renaissance, has shared the ring with Jamie Moore and James Degale amongst others and has probably banked more fight rounds than his young Dublin counterpart has sparring rounds.

The Belfast man certainly poses a risk for the novice Dub.

However, the Finglas native trusts Rock and trainer John Breen when they tell him he has the tools to defeat the 35 year old and their assurances have made him sure of victory tomorrow night.

“Healy is an Irish champion and he has pushed a lot of Irish fighter close over the years. If you take that into account it is a good name to get on my record. I am not worried about him though. No disrespect to Ciaran Healy, but I am ready. I am confident I can beat him. I am just looking forward to the fight now, “ Fitzpatrick told

The second all Irish clash on the Battle of the Counties card certainly promises to be as entertaining as Robbie Long and Spike O’Sullivan’s domestic dual.

Healy in action in Dublin

It is another fight on an action packed Paddy Hyland bill that is hard to call. Fitzpatrick, however has inside information on the methods of Healy and is positive he can plot the Irish champs demise.

“He has trained in Breen’s gym before and the lads have filled me in on a few things. I have a fair idea how to beat him, but I am not telling you. You will have to wait till we are in the ring and then you will see,” he added before dismissing suggestions he could struggle with an upgrade in round numbers. “I have done two six rounds already and I know I am fit enough for an eight rounder.”

So if he beats Healy at such an early stage in his career what next for the Dubliner. Well the answer that is simple too:

“Who ever the team tell me to fight.”

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