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12 Rules of Boxing Explained

Boxing is a contact and physical sport. The fact that it involves players throwing punches at each other may make the sport dangerous if no guidelines are set. Protective gear is essential to help the players prevent injuries.

Boxing is one of the sports that have many rules. It is to make the sport have a high level of safety and fairness like with the MLB odds. Let’s explore some of the rules of boxing.

1. You Cannot Hit Below the Belt

Well, it is pretty obvious why this rule was set, especially for male boxers. Below the belt is a delicate part of the body that shouldn’t be exposed to physical damage. It could be very painful and can even cause permanent damage that may lead to severe implications for one’s reproductive health.

2. You Cannot Hit the Neck, Back, Kidney Areas, and Back of the Head

A player may have faced in the opposite direction from you, maybe after a punch. You are not allowed to hit them in the back when they are not in a position to defend themselves. 

The neck and back of the head are directly connected to the spinal cord. You cannot hit in these areas as it may cause permanent damage that may lead to paralysis. Kidneys are also very vital organs in the body and may suffer physical injury from kicking the kidney area.

Only closed punches are allowed in a boxing match. Open gloves will act as an external object and may cause cuts to your opponent.

3. You Cannot Hit With Lose Gloves

Only closed punches are allowed in a boxing match. Open gloves will act as an external object and may cause cuts to your opponent. Therefore, fully covered gloves are mandatorily used in boxing. One of the best example is Dmoose Fighting Boxing Gloves . Also you are not allowed to throw a backhand punch or use your wrist.

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4. You Cannot Hit a Knocked-Down Opponent

It is common for a player to knock down their opponent during a boxing match. Once a player is on the ground, they cannot defend themselves from their opponents. As the player is still standing, you are prohibited from making any hit to your opponent that you knocked down.

5. You Cannot Throw a Punch While Holding the Rope

Boxing isn’t wrestling, where wrestlers use the rope to propel them towards hitting their opponents. When you hold the rope, you are barred from making any hits in boxing.

6. You Cannot Hit On Break

Immediately the referee calls for a break; a player must step back towards their corner. They cannot make any punches no matter the position they are in at that moment.

7. You Cannot Spit Your Mouthguard on Purpose

When a player’s mouthguard accidentally pops out, or a glove loosens, they are given a little time to adjust it. During this time, they can catch a break and breathe from the match. However, you are prohibited from spitting the mouthguard on purpose.

8. You Cannot Headbutt

Players are prohibited from using their heads to hit their opponents. Shoulders and elbows are also not allowed. A player can only punch using a closed fist.

9. You Cannot Hit Your Opponent While Holding Them

Boxing is about punching and defense. You should not hit an opponent who isn’t able to defend themselves. When you are holding your opponent, you make them unable to protect themselves.

When trying to avoid a punch from your opponent, you cannot duck too low until your head is below the belt-line of your opponent.

10. You Have 10 Seconds as a Knocked-Down Player To Get Up

When knocked down by your opponent, you have up to ten seconds to get back on your feet. The referee counts up to ten. The referee pronounces you as the loser if you are not on your feet on the count of ten.

11. You Have 20 Seconds To Get Back To the Ring

Occasionally, a player may be knocked out of the ring by their opponent. The referee counts down to 20 for the player to return to the ring and on their feet. Failure to do so leads to a loss for the player outside the ring.

12. There are instances where a player may be hit by accident below the belt 

In this case, the player is given up to five minutes to recover. If they cannot continue with the match after 5 minutes, then they lose the match.

However, if the injury is too serious to cause the match to end immediately, the player who caused the injury is disqualified. Good freelancer


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