WATCH: Carl Frampton concerned by ‘chilly willy’ before weigh-in

The first episode of the docuseries ‘Fight Game: The McGuigans’ was aired on Wednesday night to widespread acclaim.

The behind the scenes series was all access to say the least and episode one gave viewers a look at all things Frampton v Santa Cruz 1. 

Nothing seemed off limits, including Shane McGuigan chastising his legendary father Barry for offering wrong fight advice in the dressing room.

After the show was aired, McGuigan would give a sneak peak of what happened at the weigh-in for the rematch at Las Vegas six months later, which will be covered in episode 3.

It seems ‘The Jackal’ wasn’t worried about what weight would be officially registered or had no thoughts on the head-to-head that was to follow just before he weighed in in front a large support.

Instead the Belfast fighter was worried about his package!

While cold temperatures aren’t what you may associate with Nevada, there’s a chill in the air of the bowels of the MGM Grand.

It wont make the final cut, but that didn’t stop coach Shane McGuigan, who gave his best Ali G impression, sharing the clip.

Watch below:

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Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years