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Walsh: Moylette’s post fight behaviour was childish- it was clear I won the fight

His split decision victory over Ray Moylette sparked controversy, flared tempers and ignited debate, but Dean Walsh is adamant he was a clear winner of the National Elite final.
Indeed, the young Wexford talent claims he takes the next step on the road to Rio with little baggage and a clear conscience.
Walsh defeated Moylette in a second successive final by split decision after a close encounter in the National Stadium, but so aggrieved was the Mayo man that he declared he would never fight at the home of Irish boxing again.
Post fight the former international refused to accept his silver medal and celebrated in the stands with his fans as if he had been confirmed the victor.  Debate as to who won has since ragged online, however, Walsh remains unfazed and told Irish-boxing.com he is certain he won the fight.
Walsh, who admitted he had respect for his final foe, also branded the post fight antics childish.
“I won the first.  I was controlling the second until hit caught me with three or four shots, so that might of put the round in Moylettes favour,  but I walked through him in the third. I won the fight,” Walsh said.
“Don’t get me wrong it was a close tough fight  and I have a lot or respect for Ray and for what his achieved in the past, but as they say ‘Dean there done that’.
“I have two up on him , the judges and everyone else could clearly see I won the fight. His carry on after the fight was childish and I think everyone knows that.”
The St Joeseph’s light welterweight will now head to Turkey in April in a bid to qualify for the Olympics and is keen to look forward to next year rather than back to Friday night.
“I can sleep at night knowing I’m going on the plane to the Olympic qualifiers having successfully defended my title. Your always going to get haters in the sport and that’s the way it is, let’s make Rio happen now.”


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