Waldron ready to go to war on Saturday

John Waldron is ready to prove form is a temporary problem and that he really is the best of the Irish light heavyweight this Saturday night.
The Mayo fighter takes on West Meath’s Paddy McDonagh for the vacated Irish title on the back of three knock out defeats, but is confident he can change his fortune and register a career saving victory on the undercard of David Price and ‘Big’ John McDermott’s Liverpool hosted clash.

Indeed, Waldron is revelling in his under dog status and claims all the pressure is on the undefeated 20 year old.

“I know I am not on the best run of form so as always I’ll go in to this one as underdog, but that suits me. All I can do is give it 100% and if I do that I know I’ll be there or there about when the final bell rings,” Waldron told www.irish-boxing.com

“He has a perfect record to protect. Were as I don’t. People shouldn’t be worried about my form I’m ready for war. I am ready to regain that Irish title.”

Meanwhile, Michael Sweeney has expressed his surprise at how the third and fourth ranked light heavyweights can get a title shot ahead of him.

Sweeney also warned Long Beach’s Seanie Monaghan if he wants an Irish title he will have to go through the Mayo man first.

“If Seanie Monaghan wants an Irish title fight he has to come through me first. I am next in line. I am the number one light heavy in Ireland. It is funny how you see the number 3 and 4 fighting for the title this weekend.”

The Storm revealed he has held tentative talks re fighting Monaghan in Madison Square Garden on March 17.

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