Tough Garrido clash appreciated by Tyrone McKenna – but pre-fight antics frustrate

In the dressing room following their ten-round fight Tyrone McKenna [15(6)-0-1] found it difficult to get some breathing space from Renald Garrido.

The character supreme wanted photos, videos, things signed, and to have a chat about his pre-fight antics – all while the Belfast light welter was trying to get his wraps off and catch his breath minutes after the toughest fight of his career.

It was the post-fight equivalent of an opponent putting his head on your chest and going to work, but it was nothing in comparison to the pressure applied and attention the costume loving French man had given Mckenna over 10 high;octane rounds.

The MTK fighter, who went past the sixth round for the first time, praised the relatively late replacement’s toughness and believes no-one at the weight would force him to work as hard for 30 minutes.

“He is the toughest guy I have ever been in with. He kept coming at me no matter what I hit him with.”

“He was just non-stop and tries to kill you all day. I managed to block most of them, none were hurting me. I think I was hurting him with the body shots, some uppercuts and right hooks.”

The 96-94 points win was the best of McKenna’s career and Garrido represents the best name on his CV, but while he secured victory over the respected opponent, he felt he was a little below par.

“I made it a hard night for myself by not keeping him at range, but I didn’t feel 100 per cent going out. I felt a bit drained going out. I think I picked the nicer shots. He was throwing more, but I was throwing the cleaner and nicer shots. That’s what won me the fight.”

‘The Mighty Celt’ refused to use the change of opponent from Tommy Coyle as an excuse, and continued by noting how “Coyle is very similar to him, maybe not as relentless, but he has the same, come-forward style, but that guy is as tough as nails.”

Following a taste of bigger things, McKenna wants Garrido to be the floor in terms of opposition, the base level as his career really starts to take off and big fights begin to happen.

“I don’t want to take a step backwards or fighting anyone less than him,” stated the Lenadoon southpaw.

“I want Coyle or ‘shithouse’ [Curtis Woodhouse], anyone who will be an easier night than that.”

What’s for certain is that, whoever McKenna faces next, they will not be as eccentric as Garrido.

As far as replacements go the 34 year old tough man wasn’t just value for money in the ring, he added to the build up. The mad-cap puncher gabbed attention with his ring walk and his antics at the pre-fight presser as well as the weigh in.

While he wasn’t ever going to bring the kind of attention a clash with Sky name Tommy Coyle would he did bring spotlight to a fight that was frustratingly moved down the card, off TV, and onto Facebook live.

The rangy southpaw, who himself is media savvy, appreciated the behaviour at first but felt it went too far, hence his overexuberance come weigh in time.

garrido monster

“It was funny at the start for a wee bit, but this is the fighting game. I like a bit of messing, but he was making it ridiculous and turning it into a circus act.”

“I’m not here to be a clown, I’m here as a fighter and that’s why I did what I did at the weigh-in. You don’t dress up and jump about doing silly stuff.”

“He was saying it was disrespectful, but it’s disrespectful dressing up and making a clown out of me. I’m not a clown and I’m not here to be treated like one.”

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig



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