TJ Doheny slams “piss-ant” Tyrone McCullagh over call outs

In his first public comment on the matter, IBF super bantamweight champion TJ Doheny has offered a withering put-down to Irish rival Tyrone McCullagh.

In a video posted to social media shot whilst floating in his swimming pool, Doheny slammed the Derry fighter for his continued call-outs.

Starting at the end of last year, McCullagh [12(6)-0] has repeatedly stated his desire for the fight.

The talk would heat up recently when it was reported that Doheny [21(15)-0] was offended by the suggestions and McCullagh would not take kindly to this and promised to “embarrass” the Portlaoise man should they ever meet in the ring.

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Today Doheny has come out to have his say, criticising McCullagh for disrespect as well as taking aim at the Foylesider’s biggest wins his fighting style.

Floating in his swimming pool in his Sydney home, Doheny said that “everybody knows this isn’t my style, but I feel that something has to be said here: Tyrone McCullagh, you need to relax and show some respect. I’m about to go and unify two world titles and you’re namedropping me, looking for fights this year”

“You couldn’t even get rid of a Southern Area-level fighter [Josh Kennedy] in your last fight, in your WBO-whatever-the-fuck-belt you want to call it. You got left on the seat of your pants in the fight before that [v Joe Ham], you were lucky to escape the round and get through the fight.”

“Go and earn your stripes man, do what I had to do, work your way up through the rankings, earn your spot. I have no problem fighting you but get yourself into contention and then we can talk.”

“Until then, keep scurrying around the ring like a little piss-ant.”

“And another thing, this will be the last I’m saying on the matter, don’t be name-dropping me anymore. Leave me out of your conversations, good luck.”

The 32-year-old is currently enjoying some downtime following his first title defence earlier this month when he stopped Japan’s Ryohei Takahashi in New York.

Doheny will soon return to training camp in Boston with Hector Bermudez ahead of a unification with WBA champion Danny Roman which is being mooted for April in Los Angeles.

McCullagh is currently at the beginnings of camp in his new base in Glasgow and has today had a fight date confirmed for March 29th at the Ulster Hall.


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