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‘They Did That’ – ‘Mr Ego’ Jake Paul says Taylor and Serrano the Deserve Spotlight and Credit

The fighters, Katie Taylor [20(6)-0] and Amanda Serrano [42(30)-1-1]  deserve the credit according to Jake Paul.

The Youtuber and social media star turned fighter, promoter and manager’s ‘ego’ played a part in finally getting the greatest female fight of all time delivered, according to Eddie Hearn.

The Matchroom boss surmised, Paul would rejoice in saying ‘I did that’ after helping to finalize the previously hard-to-make mega fight and after securing Serano, who he works with via MVP Promotions, a life-changing pay day.

Speaking after the fight was confirmed for Maddison Square Garden and April 30, Paul did rejoice in the money both fighters were making but wasn’t looking for credit.

The undefeated fighter and outspoken figure said both protagonists of the massive fight deserve the spotlight, not just for agreeing to fight but for creating a scenario as to where they can be offered seven figures to trade leather.

Paul talked about getting that deal over the finish line, his excitement for the fight, and career-high paydays coming to both fighters when speaking to the MMA hour.

“I owe all the credit to Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano for being two of the pound-for-pound greatest female fighters to have ever lived. They’ve been trying to put this fight on, I think they just needed that extra sauce. It’s all our efforts in getting this done and it’s what needed to happen for women’s boxing to progress it forward and get women paid more. It’s historic in many ways.

“I don’t want to take any credit. I think Amanda Serrano’s an amazing person and I’m willing to help her in any way possible, whether it’s being a friend or being a manager. I give them the credit,” he explained before revealing both fighters will be paid seven figures.

“They’re getting paid in the seven figures, which is historic. It’s never happened for women, guaranteed seven figures, plus pay-per-view. Obviously it’s going to be a massive pay-per-view. This is life-changing for both girls and especially I know for Amanda Serrano, because I’ve heard her stories of how much she’s been getting paid since day one. That’s what initially sparked my desire to want to help her. How is (a seven-division champion) — you’re getting paid, like, $20,000? This is absurd.”

“Her last fight was a career high (payday), but now it’s a whole other level. I’m excited and this is gonna be a massive fight. It’s gonna be so big. Everyone’s talking about the historic moment and the money, and I agree, let’s talk about all of those things, but I’m excited to see the fight. I’m excited to see the two greatest of their craft in a similar weight division going at it. That’s what I’m most excited for!”


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