The Neil Sinclair Column

16 July 2008 – by Neil Sinclair

In his new monthly column, Neil Sinclair talks about life as a professional boxer and the latest goings on in the Irish fight scene.

First things first: I expect to be fighting in September. I was speaking to Brian Peters last week and he is keen to get me on then where that will be I dont know yet but Id love for it to be in Belfast.

At the minute, Im back in the gym, so Im just ticking away at the moment. Id step it up to full training six to eight weeks before any fight, including good sparring.

Obviously after my last fight in Italy for EU title Im feeling good because even though it was a loss it felt like a victory in many ways.

I was maybe lacking a bit of power in that fight but I think starting meat again will help with that. Id been off it for a couple of years but now I think my body needs it; I was craving it. With all the training you need the protein.

Im also on the Kerry Kayes supplements as well. Im getting as much protein in to me as I can and I think I was missing that in terms of strength.

It shouldnt have a bearing on my weight either as I will be taking on less carbohydrates and, pound for pound, there is less calories in protein so Ill stay the same weight, maybe even gain some muscle at the expense of body fat, which is good.

Ive been lucky in John Breens gym in relation to sparring. I always had Eamonn Magee and now I have Stephen Haughian and Paul McCloskey so it has been great from the moment I went there.

There is a lot of talk at the minute that John Duddy is going to get a shot at IBF light-middleweight champion Verno Phillips.

I think John has a great chance if that fight goes ahead. Phillips has been about for a long time and hopefully Duddy can secure the opportunity.

The difficulty is that he is going down in weight so he has to be careful. He has to be strong at that weight if he is to win. If he is, I would be confident of his chances especially with home advantage.

I fought at the Odyssey against Bradley Pryce a few years ago and it would be an incredible venue for a World Title fight.

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