The most incredible sports betting wins in history


What Tipper doesn’t dream of a 12-pointer combo that works and multiplies your credit with a low stake. The history of the most successful sports bet winnings shows that this is not an isolated case. In addition to combination bets, result bets in particular can yield particularly high odds. If these are combined with each other, the player usually receives a multiplication, which is in the two-digit range. Every tipper should be aware that not everything runs smoothly with combination bets and therefore the stake on such monster bets should always be low in order to minimize the risk of loss.


A bonus is a good way to play such combination bets.

Most of the high winnings were made during the bonus conversion period. Tippers are more risk-averse and dare to try a fun combination that suddenly turns into a huge win. Perfect for these monster combinations, which can consist of up to 16 games, are bookmakers who do not levy a bet tax on a combination bet or grant a bonus if the bet is successful. An overview of the bonus offer can be viewed and compared on comparison platforms such as In addition, you will receive information about the extended bonus offer, under which you can also find the combination bet bonuses.


A Greek lets the bet scene astonish and sets 170.00 euro on a 16er combi

An insanely high win was achieved by a Greek with sixteen successful tips in just one bet. How sure the Greek must have been about this is shown by the enormous bet on such an uncertain bet. The sixteen odds that the young player alluded to were analysed neatly and bet on various betting options. The win also hit big waves in Germany when Sat.1 reported about the lucky player. In total, the 16er combination bet led to a win of 435,587.75 Euro! While the Tipper selected a total of thirteen bets with a odds lower than 2.00, he added a 6.50 odds from a Greek club and three more above 2.00. The odds were the same as the odds of a Greek club. The Sportingbet-Mediendirekot also commented on this insane bet with the following words: “This combination was an absolute stroke of genius! The man simply has a clue. From now on we should always consult him before we open our odds for the weekend. Outstanding was the victory bet on Xanthi, he deserved this huge sum for that alone!


Also a bet that was placed under 20.00 euros, provided for astonished betting providers

The bet was also placed at Sportingbet and once again the bookmaker was on the scoresheet! An 11er combination bet, which only covered odds in the range of 2.00 to 3.10, became with a stake of 19.90 euro to an insanely high profit. Altogether the Tipper cleared a fabulous 25,085 euro and had besides an experience, which would have brought even experienced weather to a heart attack. It was the last bet on the betting slip that made the player feverish until injury time in order to receive his prize. In the game Atletico Bilbao against Tromsö, Llorente scored the decisive goal in the last minute of injury time and made the combination bet a success. The cheer of the lucky man may have overshadowed the mood in the stadium with this combination bet.


Brazil vs. Germany made an optimist rich with a stake of 18.70 euros

Who doesn’t like to remember the German national team’s 7:1 victory in the semi-finals of the World Cup? The German team left no doubt about its strength against the home team and at halftime it was already 0:5 for the Germans. The fact that nobody expected such a result is not true, because a total of more than 350 players all over Germany were betting on a result which was over 1:5. So a young player bet 19,90 Euro on a 1:7 victory for the Germans. The betting rate of 2319.00 shows just how unrealistic this result was for the bookmakers at bet365. In total, the bettor was 46380.00 euros richer and was able to have his credit paid out afterwards.


A player on mybet made 28,333.59 euros out of 2.47 euros.

Also here a combination bet became a success and let mybet marvel not badly. Odds above 2.00 plus 8.00 and 11.00 did not long ago make the round through the sports betting scene. The bettor, for example, was betting on a victory of the Armenians against Portugal and was well rewarded by his willingness to take risks. Especially because Ronaldo had to stop injured in this game, an exact analysis of the games shows that can be very valuable and also a high odds can be bet successfully. In general, the player only bet on odds that corresponded to the underdog.


Combined bets vs. single bets – Which bet is more worthwhile?

If we are honest, these combined bet successes are rather rare and it is worthwhile for most players to bet on single odds or small combination bets. Nevertheless, the successes show us that risk is rewarded and that you only have to be sure enough after analysing a match and hoping for the underdog. In general, betting is very often also about an experience and a combination bet promises many exciting games that can reward the player with a higher win.


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