The Most Educated Boxers Ever

Playing sports is one of the most challenging activities you could pursue. It takes a high dose of determination, will-power, and strength to work hard and get the desired results. Combine that with all the other duties you’re compelled to fulfill, and things can get even more challenging. 

While some might think that sports celebrities are not as well-educated, reality comes to fact-check this claim. Truth be told, most sport celebrities are not only fighters but they’re also knowledgeable, smart people. Take boxing, for example. Most boxers aspire to be both highly educated and invincible in the ring. Let’s check out the most educated boxers ever. 

Davarryl Williamson

Professional heavyweight boxer since 1999, Davarryl Williamson is an educated sports celebrity. In 1994, Davarryl graduated from Wayne State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation. The next year he signed up for a Master of Arts in Administrative Services at the Northern Michigan University. He graduated in 1998, one year before starting his boxing career. 

In the meantime, boxing games taught Davarryl that success is a long-time journey. He co-founded the Touchstone Youth Program or TYP with Alyssa Levine, a program that focuses on boxing and academic assistance and empowers young talents to reach their full potential. Later in his life, Williamson founded TOS Boxing, his personal boxing academy that trains both young talents and adults. 

Calvin Brock

Professional boxer between the 2001 and 2017, Calvin Brock was the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team Member in 2000. He attended Central Piedmont Community College between 1993-1995 to get his degree in Business Administration and Management. In 1996, he enrolled in an MBA program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

After graduation, Calvin became a commercial real estate broker. In 2012, he founded his own company named Jack and Landlords. Today, Brock still works as a Sales & Operations manager for Total Service company, doing insurance restoration and offering home improvements. 

Nicky Piper

Nicky Piper is a retired professional fighter and Welsh Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champion. He has a qualification in business management and currently works for The City Hospice in corporate management. While Nicky Piper doesn’t have a university degree, he is known to have an IQ of 153, being part of Mensa. He is probably on his way for a Business or Management degree. 

Breaking the Myth

In fact, many boxers have done well enough in school, despite a myth that athletes are not excellent students. However, even the smartest students sometimes have trouble with writing their papers, such as writing a thesis or an essay. It would be a mistake to write in Google “help me write my thesis“, since it is better to immediately ask for help from professional tutors at uk.edubirdie who help students with homework writing and various education topics. 

Vitali & Wladimir Klitschko

The Klitschko brothers are well-known in the sports industry, as they ruled the heavyweight boxing sports division for a very long time. But this is not all- Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko both hold PhDs and speak more than one language. Vitali has a PhD degree in Sports Science from Kiev University and wants to become the first boxer mayor of Kiev. 

Dr. Wladimir Klitschko followed his brother and got his PhD in sports sciences at the University Hryhorij Skoworoda. As of now, he is an owner and inspirer at 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. He is also an initiator and lectures for St. Gallen University and the founder and owner of Today, the brothers are working on developing their own WYLLIT brand and F.A.C.E. Challenge method, and live in Germany, in the Hamburg area. Their Klitschko Ventures company is quickly taking off. 


As you can see, many professional boxers around the world are well-versed in business and many other areas. It would be a mistake to think that sports celebrities cannot be educated, since this is obviously not the case. Sports celebrities should be more praises and less criticized by fans- they are not only working hard to maintain a sports title but they’re also educating themselves to become more intelligent. 

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