The 10 Simple Steps to Learn English Grammar


Every specific country has its language. People all over the world know their native language. But to connect and communicate, they need to have a common language. English has become a common means of communication. But learning English comes with understanding the basic English grammar rules. 

These rules are the basics of learning. Before you talk to someone in English, make sure to have an understanding of these rules. 

There are plenty of options that you can get yourself avail of to learn English Grammar. One of the fastest ways to get familiar with English grammar is to have an English tutor. You can also learn French with certified French tutors!

Talk to native speakers

Native speakers can help you to understand English grammar because this is their forte in speaking. Connect to native English speakers, listen to them, respond to them in English and make the best out of it. 

Focus on their general sentence structures, start from basics and try to make notes of these daily life conversations. This will help you to get basic English grammar learning. 

Notice the patterns

Patterns are the small elements in making a sentence. The use of words in making a sentence meaningful and how they are connected to their relative adjective, adverb, etc describe these patterns. These patterns describe a word properly. Try observing these patterns while talking to native speakers, how each word is connected to the other and how it gives sense and meaning to the whole sentence. 

Understand the Part of Speeches

Understanding the parts of speech is the basics of learning English grammar. It is important to get an understanding of each word for learning English grammar. Any mistake in the sentence can be identified by understanding the parts of speech. 

Understanding all 8 parts of speech will help you understand the words and their role in making those sentences meaningful. It makes the conversation even better.

Practice using verb forms

Another basic yet significant rule of learning English grammar is to understand and practice the forms of the verb. This is the most noticeable element. Any mistake in the verb form can change the whole meaning of a sentence. 

Practice using a form of verbs to elevate your understanding of English grammar. Understand the basic rules of when and how to use these verbs forms and imply them in conversations. 

Test and make corrections

Making mistakes and correcting them is by default a part of life and so in understanding  English grammar. Test your learning by self-made conversations in your head. Understand your mistakes and try to correct them.

 Remember, only you can be your best teacher, so try practicing online English grammar tests and understand the mistakes that you have made. Self-learning is the best way to assess and analyze yourself. 

Use a Grammar App

In this era of digital media, the best thing you can do for yourself is to utilize your phones for your learning. Look for an apt grammar app, go through all the ways, and make the most out of it. 

A bundle of grammar apps is available here which include learning English grammar from basics to complicated English grammar rules and this comes in very handy.

Write more in English

Now, this is another useful tip to enhance your learning of English grammar. Write more in English. Write in paragraphs or full-length essays. Practice writing more and this will increase your interest in learning English grammar. 

Reading, writing, and talking in English are basic rules of learning English grammar. Start from basic writing, elevate your vocabulary and try to introduce new words to your writing.

Listen to English Speeches

Only reading is not enough. Try making it your habit to listen to English speeches, newspapers, and interviews. This can create a huge positive impact on your learning process. 

Listen to English speeches and repeat it in your head. This habit will help you increase your understanding of basics and you may learn new rules and tips. Listening to English speeches increases the articulation effect of your personality.

Understand the Logic Behind the Rules

Why are rules made and given so much importance? There is always some meaning and logic to each rule. You must need to understand the logic behind each rule. 

This will help you to get the logic behind each rule and how to use that in your learning process. The rules make learning easier as it is easy to remember the rules and apply them.

Purchase a Grammar Book at Your Level

If you are at the initial stage of learning, get yourself a book. Try to make it a habit to at least read and understand a few pages daily. Only reading is not enough. Try using these instructions in your daily conversations. There are grammar learning books for each level.

From using the proper form of the verb to making a meaningful sentence, you will get better at it.


Since English has become an international language, the necessity to learn and understand English is now valid. For this, the first step is to get an understanding of English grammar. Just being aware of the basic English grammar rules and applying these in your daily conversations can make you a better English speaker. 

To get better at learning English grammar, I have mentioned above some of the basic rules and tips. These are the most basic rules of learning English grammar. Try using these tips in your conversations and you can get better at it.

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