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‘Terrible’ tactics cost overtrained Katie Taylor says Peter Taylor

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Over-training and ‘terrible’ tactics cost Katie Taylor in Rio claims her father and former coach.

The puncher, regarded as the greatest female fighter of all time. exited the Rio Games at the quarter final stage at the gloves of Mira Potkonen.

Considering what happened to Micheal Conlan and others in this installment of the Olympiad. questions have been raised regarding the Taylor result.

While Taylor, who worked closely with Zaur Antia in London 2012, admits questions about the judging are warranted, he claimed the tactics for her fight were all wrong.

“I thought Katie looked frail compared to how she usually looks. But every one of them looked over-trained,” Taylor told Vincent Hogan of the Irish Independent.

“Again, you could see the tactics were absolutely terrible. No matter what the scoring is, boxing is boxing. You hit them, they don’t hit you.”

“I mean, tactics won Katie the Olympic final in London, that’s absolutely certain. But you can’t control what the judges are doing, so you have just got to fight your own fight.”


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