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Taylor the UFC star? McGregor’s coach says Olympic star has shown MMA interest

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh has revealed that Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor has shown an interest in taking up Mixed Martial Arts.

Speaking on Newstalk today, the head of the SBG gym said that the greatest female boxer on the planet, who is also a talented footballer, like a lot of females has shown an interest in the growing sport.

“There’s less women, maybe because they are smarter than us,” he said.

“It’s definitely growing and there is a big scene in the States. Aisling daly is a celebrity over there. She’s very well known and featured on that reality tv show, The Ultimate Fighter Show.

“There’s another girl in my club Sinead Kavanagh, who is a five-time national champion boxing. She trained alongside Katie Taylor.Katie Taylor has actually shown some interest in possibly training in mixed martial arts one day.

“I’ve been speaking to people, so who knows we might get her over after she wins her next championship.”

Kavanagh didn’t go into detail on the level of interest and fight fans would hope the people in boxing would be able to make it worth the Irish legends while not to change code.


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