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Talk is cheap – Frampton actions will speak louder than words says McGuigan

Barry McGuigan claims the verbal blows will count for nothing once the real punches are thrown on February 27th.

Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg, and their teams finished round two of a three day press tour to officially announce the massive pay-per-view bout on Tuesday, and whilst things were not as feisty in Manchester as they were in London on Monday, there was more verbal sparring.

Irish boxing legend and Frampton mentor, McGuigan claims it’s all a bit ‘childish’ but stressed talk is cheap and actions will speak louder than words come fight night.

“It’s all very childish and we are going to have more of it between now and Wednesday. But I don’t care about that, the fight is made and that is the important thing,” said McGuigan.

“We can talk till we are blue in the face about who is going to do this and who is going to do that.”

“I am one hundred percent confident that Carl Frampton will win on February 27th, either by knock-out or on a wide points decision.”

“Either way it is a Frampton victory. But they will say the same about Quigg and we can argue and bicker about things that have happened in their careers.”

“You can say – he got hurt in sparring – he is avoiding him – and things like that. It might spice things up, but it does not matter. I know that Carl Frampton will bring an army with him and they will pack the place out.”

“And anyone who thinks it won’t be like being in Belfast are totally mistaken.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years