Sturm tells Macklin to man up and agree a rematch

July 30 Jonny Stapleton

WBA middleweight champion of the World Felix Sturm has told Matthew Macklin to ‘man up’ and agree to the World title rematch ‘everyone wants to see.’

The German controversially beat the Irish star on points last month and after the decision was vilified across the globe immediately offered Macklin a November return.

However, despite Macklin’s calls for a second tilt Sturm claims the fact the Mack The Knife missed two contract deadline dates proves they are really adverse to Sturm Macklin II.

The long reigning champion said the former European and British champion’s team received a lucrative contract offer within days of the most talked about split decision in boxing this year, but are aware that a win will be routine rather than controversial for the German if the pair meet again.

“I hope Macklin will honor his word just like I did. He received a contract three days after the fight and he should man up and agree to the rematch. Everybody wants to see the rematch. He believes he beat me on June 25 and now he can prove that he is better than me. He would get a second chance to become world champion. Matthew, step up to the plate and let’s fight again,” Sturm told

Within seconds of the decision being read out on June 25 Macklin and Brian Peters his manager were calling for a rematch.

Despite claiming he agreed with the much maligned decision Sturm stressed he agreed in the ring to a return.

He now claims to be confused as to why Macklin is turning his nose up at another world title tilt after the German granted his rematch wish.

Sturm expressed his surprise that ‘Mack the Knife’ has turned down a second opportunity to prove he can cut it at the top.

“Matthew was gunning for the rematch after the fight. He asked for one while we were still inside the ring and I said yes. They then strongly asked for a second bout at the post-fight presser and I gave them my word. Heck, they sounded like they wanted to sign a contract on that very same evening. My team and I agreed to the idea of a rematch because the first fight was a close. I’d love to fight him again. So naturally, I’m very surprised that we haven’t heard from Macklin’s people yet. I don’t have a clue to why they haven’t signed the contract.”

He may have officially lost the bout on June 25, but Macklin won on so many other fronts.

His all action and attack packed approach gained him fans around the world and the injustice of the scorecards damaged Sturm’s reputation.

The English born fighter of Irish decent now has plenty more options on the table and could get a World title shot without having to return to the away fighters graveyard, Germany.

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