Fight Report: Steve Collins registers his first KO win

Steve Collins Jr registered the first knock out win of his career in the Red Cow on Friday- and did so in a manner that makes such a stat unbelievable.

Collins certainly added to his skill set and had a more polished approach, but showed the kind of power and strength that suggests he could bully many a mere mortal into submission.

Collins had Viktor Szalai on the canvas with three different shots before the blue corner came to his rescue throwing the towel in 2:14 into the second.

The Wolfhound hunted his prey in the first stanza, but with patience and purpose. He used his jab to good effect and went to work when he pinned Viktor Szalai to the ropes.

A perfectly timed uppercut midway through the round sent the away fighter to the canvas and had him doing an Amir Khan versus Bredist Prescott impression when he rose to his feet.

Szalai managed to survive the round, but it wasn’t long before he was reacquainted with the canvas.

A big right hand through the guard had the tall journey man on the seat of his pants early in the second. Some decent body work further weakened his defences as the round progressed and a left hook had him down for a third time in the fight.

Collins went for the kill but the towel flew across the ring before Szalai could be sent flying to the deck again.


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