Snooki talks to about Patrick Hyland

By Jonny Stapleton
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi certainly isn’t a stranger to the squared circle having enjoyed a stint in WWE. Nor is the reality TV star adverse to brawling having let loose verbally and sometimes physically on MTV’s Jersey Shore.
Now having made some money out of fighting the pint sized celeb is planning to make money out of fighters and along with Final Round Promotions has set up her own promotional company, Team Snooki Boxing.
Instead of being surrounded by men obsessed with GTL (gym, tan, laundry) Snooki now finds herself surrounded by boxers more interested in GLT (getting lots of titles.)
Amazingly the first professional signed to Team Snooki boxing is unbeaten Irish featherweight Patrick Hyland.
Not as obvious a match up as Strawberry and Cream or Green and St Patrick’s Day, even if Hyland hails from Tallaght, where the Irish version of Jersey Shore Tallafornia takes place, but it’s a coming together that Snooki believes will prove fruitful for both.
Polizzi seems to have taken a shine to ‘The Punisher’ outside the ring, but is more impressed by what he can do inside the squared circle.
The media obession, whose massive international following and social network capabilities could make the middle of three boxing brothers one of the best know pugilists outside of boxing circles, is backing her first signing to become world champion.
“Patrick’s desire, ability and work ethic will get him to the top. We believe Patrick will be a World Champion as long as he stays healthy, keeps working and learning. He has a great team behind him at home and in the U.S. We wouldn’t have signed him if we didn’t think he had the ability to be a World Champion.“ Snooki told before further waxing lyrical about the fighter with the longest unbeaten run in current Irish boxing (24-0).
“Patrick’s been nothing but a pleasure to have here. He has fit right in with everyone’s family. He is considered family to everyone who’s involved with his life over here.”
The middle of three champion brothers has flown the coop and set up home stateside leaving the Golden Cobra gym run by his father Patrick Hyland. The Brain Peters managed 28 year old is now training with two time world champ Tracey Patterson and Snooki believes it’s a good fit.
“Pajo’s father Paddy has done a great job with all the boys. Tracy Patterson two time world champion is training him now. He has worked with Pajo in the past and strongly believes he will be a World Champion,”
Team Snooki Boxing and Final Round Promotion’s first show is billed ‘Irish Invasion’ and takes place on in Atlantic City on January 28. (more details see here:
Patrick Hyland will be joined by brothers Eddie and Paulie on another American Irish themed fight night and Snooki revealed she is quite happy to play the Irish card.
“It was a deliberate effort to go for an Irish show. The Irish have had a long and proud history of amateur as well as pro boxing success. You have great programs for the kids to develop for such a small Country. We are hoping to create that huge wave on both sides of the Ocean that has been created in the past by Irish Champions.”

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