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SK Promotions to run multiple shows in 2018

It’s one down and a lot more to go for SK Promotions and Stephen Kavanagh.

Kavanagh upgraded from coach to promoter over the weekend and seemed to hit the ground running with a solid small hall show.

Next Generation – show, which played out at the Citywest Hotel saw the likes of Sean Creagh, Chris Mullally, Craig McCarthy, Liam Gaynor and Victor Rabei record wins, was deemed an entertaining affair, and certainly a success in first show terms.

Kavanagh admitted he learnt a few things on the job, but was more than happy with how the show went and revealed if things go to plan, SK Promotions could run as many as five shows over the coming 12 months.

“I really enjoyed the night. It was a great little venue for small hall show. The crowd were brilliant as was the atmosphere, and we saw some quality fights.

“I was delighted with how it went for a first show. There were a few small mistakes but that’s to be expected you can only learn from them,” he told Irish-Boxing.com before discussing future plans.

“We are looking at dates this week and hopefully we will have a show early next year. They plan will be to have about 3-5 shows next year. It all really depends on how each show goes. Hopefully we can work are way up to the Stadium in few years time, but we’re starting from the bottom working our way up to that level.”

Every first-time promoter comes away from their first show with a whole new perspective on the business end of the game. There are always things to be improved upon, but for Kavanagh the biggest changes are small things. The Kilnamanagh club man plans to note a lot more and get that bit tougher.

“One thing I learnt is you need to start writing things down! You can’t remember everything.”

“There’s a big difference in being a coach and a promoter. Generally I like to be everyone’s friend, have the laugh and be nice and relaxed, but on the night it was all go with people coming up to me from everywhere asking for little favours.”

“You can’t please everyone so I’d need to be a bit more tougher to get stuff done,” Kavanagh added before highlighting the performance of Liam Gaynor.

“Young Liam Gaynor was class especially considering he is still only learning. He could be one to watch in three to four years time as he’s still only 19.”



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