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16 September 2008 – by Mark Doyle

Im fighting on October 24 in the welterweight version of Prizefighter.

In April, they did one for the heavyweights in London and my stablemate Martin Rogan won it. So Ive been picked to do the welterweight one and Im excited about that. Im training hard at the moment for it. It will be three fights to be successful. Each fight is three rounds of three minutes. The money keeps going up each round until it is 25,000 for the winner.

A few of the names mentioned are Ted Bami, Kevin Anderson, Young Muttley so they are all guys who have been champions at some stage, meaning it is a high standard which makes it better for the fans.

Youd like to think the winner would get an automatic British or Commonwealth title shot. So thats my goal and it would be great to win it. Obviously, the money would be nice for Christmas as well but the opportunity to fight for the British title again would be brilliant. Being champion again I would probably appreciate it more than I did first time round.

I was due to fight on the card in Cork recently but due to the Prizefighter contract I wasnt allowed to fight after August 31. But thats ok; I fought 12 rounds in June for the EU title in Italy, so Im still fit and Id like to get out again before Christmas.

Its a Barry Hearn show on Sky. He was my first promoter. I was with him for three years and we get on well. We both respect each other so it was nice for him to pick me.

Obviously, he knows what I offer and it will be good for his show. I have six weeks until the fights and seeing as John Breen guided Martin to the heavyweight version I know Ill be well prepared. It will be a lot of high intensity work and Ill be sparring Stephen Haughian, Paul McCloskey and Jason McKay, so there will some quality sparring and I will be ready for anything.

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