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Seanie Monaghan told to lower his price if he wants to achieve Irish title dream

If it’s about pride and not pay, Assassin Promotions claim they can help Seanie Monaghan [29(17)-1(1)] fulfil his Irish title dream.

Long Island light heavyweight Monaghan recently told Irish-Boxing.com that he would love to spread his late fathers ashes in Navan with an Irish title wrapped around his waist and expressed an interest in fighting the winner of Paddy McDonagh‘s defence versus David Bailey on July 7th.

Assassin boss Kaz Evans is confident his charge, McDonagh [11(0)-2(0)], will emerge victorious from the JB Promotions ‘The Beginning’ card and claims he is willing to offer Monaghan a chance to dethrone the Westmeath man.

“Myself, the team and Paddy were sad to hear the news of Seanie’s fathers passing and send our condolences,” Evans told Irish-Boxing.com

“If he does want to honour an his father as he said with an Irish title win we can provide him with that opportunity. Once Paddy McDonagh gets past David Bailey on July 7th we are more than happy to give Seanie a shot at the title.”

“No doubt it would be a great fight and a fight the fans could really get behind. We could do it anytime after the Summer, as early as September if that suits them.”.

Evans and Monaghan, who is of Navan extraction, had previously discussed the possibility of the two-time Irish champion and the New Yorker fighting but the English promoter claims the money requested just wasn’t viable.

Now, with the landscape somewhat different, the promoter, who is working alongside Jay Byrne to put on the July 7 National Stadium show, is hopeful emotion will play a part and Monaghan’s team will deal at a lower price.

“We had talked about the fight before, but they were looking for silly money. I understand Seanie has fought on DiBella cards and TV cards in America so he would have got good money and his manager is right to look for the most he can for his fighter, but the figure given is not viable for a show in Ireland. It just wouldn’t make any sense.”

“If he wants the fight for the title we can make it happen, but the purse would have to be reasonable. Hopefully winning the Irish title and what that would mean personally for Seanie will enable us to negotiate a fair deal.”

An Irish title fight might add something to an East Coast card Stateside and may provide both management teams to secure their fighters a bigger pay day. However, Evans doesn’t seem to think America is an option.

“When I spoke to them the last time they seemed keen to do it in Ireland. They said Seanie would do good tickets for a show in Dublin and I got the impression they didn’t have an American platform on which to promote the fight. We have plenty of options in Ireland, but the ball is in their court now.”


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