Scandalous Tyson Fury in the center of scandals again

The primary fight of 2022 (at least for now) ended with a referee’s decision. Alexander Usyk got the undeniable respect of Anthony Joshua, the confrontation with whom can be considered a finished story. But this is not the limit. Just one belt separates Usyk from the status of the absolute heavyweight champion.

This achievement can become unique, but Alexander will have to beat Tyson Fury. We’re looking at the heavyweight rankings right now. It and other sports news are provided by, specializing not only in traditional sports disciplines but also in cricket. 

Usyk thinks, only a fight with Fury makes sense. Tyson is ready but warns it will be expensive.

A second win over Joshua added to Usyk’s regalia. Currently, he’s the owner of WBA Super, WBO, IBF, and IBO world champion titles and got the belt of the authoritative magazine The Ring. Three of them are of particular value: WBA Super, IBF, and WBO. To become the undisputed champion at heavyweight, Alexander lacks the WBC title, which Tyson Fury currently holds. Usyk understands the significance of the moment and believes that the only option for him is a unification fight with Fury.

  • “Fury? I’m sure he’s not gone yet; he wants to fight me. And I want to fight him. 
  • “Either I’ll fight Tyson Fury, or I won’t fight at all,” Alexander said after the fight.”

Fury’s championship runs from 2020, and Tyson already has a couple of solid defenses. At the same time, the Gypsy King has a highly inconsistent view of the future. Tyson is ending his career or announcing a Conor McGregor-style comeback. It’s been less than two weeks since Fury supposedly returned and told the third fight with Derek Chisora. Just 24 hours later, Tyson resigned again, but this weekend he couldn’t resist making a good comment – right after Usyk’s repeat win over Joshua.

“I watched Joshua loses to Usyk for the 2nd time, and it was beyond his strength. The UK lost its titles, but there’s medicine, and there’s a solution I can offer. If you want those titles returned, then bring in the gypsy savage. Send me, and I’ll strip that Ukrainian bum of his belts. It will happen just like I did to the last Ukrainian bum.”

“But it’s going to cost you. Well, it will cost you if you want to see it. The price will be high, so get out your checkbooks. I’m about to take the Ukrainian loser out of his belt,” Fury said in a video on his social media. 

It wasn’t just Usyk who got it from the WBC champion, but Joshua as well.

“I’ll be honest with you guys: I declare they’re both shits after watching it. That was the worst championship fight I’ve ever seen. It was total crap. I will destroy them overnight,” Fury added.

The last outright heavyweight champion was Lennox Lewis in 2000. But only three titles were needed then.

What should we expect from this fight? Stylistically for Usyk, it’s a full-blown nightmare. Being even bigger than Joshua (though not with as much knockout power), Fury doesn’t have Anthony’s disadvantages. The Brit is just as skillful as Alexander, but he adds a huge arm span to his quick, accurate series of punches. Getting within striking distance of Usyk will be a real challenge. To win mentally, breaking Fury’s gameplan or making him full of holes will not do: Tyson’s resurrection in his first fight with Wilder showed his champion’s heart and fighting spirit, and his thrashing is on the level of his own.

Knocking out Tyson is impossible, working on distance is unlikely, and wedging colossal Fury is not the best decision, so Usyk has few ways to win. So the only thing left for Alexander is to work on the middle distance to score points. Some people even write Usyk off, predicting, at best, a decent defeat. Anyway, Alexander and his coaching staff will have to think over his game plan very hard. 

Why take such a risk? A unique achievement is at stake, which, if won, would make Usyk a living legend, just like Tyson Fury – if the triumph is on his side. The last outright heavyweight champion was Lennox Lewis, who lost the title in 2000. At that time, three titles had to be combined for the absolute: WBC, WBA, and IBF. Since then, combining all the titles has become more challenging: since 2007, the fourth title – WBO – must be obtained to become the undisputed champion. Fifteen years have passed, and the world has not yet seen a heavyweight who could do it. 

What should Joshua do? Seek a fight against Deontay Wilder – and it will be bright.

After his second loss in a row, Joshua’s situation is not easy. Both results are not questionable, despite the split decision in the rematch. Joshua proved unable to prepare for Usyk in a year and, therefore, dramatically lost his brilliance against him. The public favorite Anthony has fallen, as it once happened with Deontay Wilder at the end of the trilogy with the same Fury. And right now, that option seems the most interesting: Joshua and Wilder are media-friendly, aiming for knockouts, and are sure to roll up the chopping block with a flashy finish. It’s an excellent time to come back, make some noise for the fans, and get a new chance to showcase skills at a high level. 

Another excellent opportunity for Joshua is a fight with Dillian Whyte. Having lost his belt in his last war, White has an ungraceful 1-2 count in his previous three contests. Aside from the purely practical sense, this fight also has another attraction for the former champion: White represents a very different level of opposition than Usyk, which Joshua is quite capable of. Therefore, he is an excellent option to put on a dominant performance and at least partially regain his appeal in the eyes of the fans. 

In any case, the Englishman will have to reconsider his training and arsenal drastically. Usyk exposed all of Anthony’s weaknesses and shortcomings, so the boxer must work hard to patch up this hole and hope for a new championship run. Joshua still has time because he’s only 32 years old, which is not enough time for a heavyweight.

The impact of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Tyson Fury’s promoter Frank Warren announced they had suspended negotiations on a fight between his client and former champion Anthony Joshua. The reason Warren mentioned the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The promoter said he plans to resume negotiations next week.

“Tyson and I don’t think it’s appropriate right now. It would be disrespectful to the royal family,” Warren was quoted on his Twitter account by journalist Michael Benson.

On September 3 at the press conference, Ukrainian champion WBA, WBO, and IBF Alexander Usyk said that fight for the absolute title in heavyweight with Fury can’t be held this year – neither in autumn nor in winter.

In response, the Gypsy King threw a trademark tantrum, saying he then refused to fight Usyk and challenged Anthony Joshua. AJ responded by saying he would be ready by December. However, it did not satisfy Fury, and he gave an ultimatum.


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