Santa Cruz reveals how he will beat Frampton in rematch

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Leo Santa Cruz has taken a leaf out of Jack Charlton’s book and believes the way to beat Carl Frampton is to ‘put ’em under pressure’.

The Mexican lost his WBA featherweight title to ‘The Jackal’ in New York last month, but looks set to be offered a contractually-mandated shot at revenge before the year is out – and the three-weight World champ believes he now knows exactly how to ensure the result goes his way next time round.

The keys Santa Cruz’s says are more aggression and more pressure, suggesting he could tire out and stop Frampton.

Such comments will see surprising to some, who would argue if the former World champ is less cautious and marches forward he will walk onto more of the power shots that hurt him in the second round of July’s contract.

Speaking about how he approach a potential rematch Santa Cruz said,

“I think we must come forward, be more aggressive. The other time we waited a bit too much to see what Carl Frampton would do, but when I put pressure on him I feel he tired.

“So I have to go much further with coming forward and apply pressure from the first round and work hard to get him tired and finish him off.

“If the rematch is not given, then we will look to the other champions, Gary Russell is there, is there Lee Selby or any of the champions,” he continued when speaking to ESPN Deportes..

Santa Cruz is still hurting after the defeat and is keen for a rematch to try and level the scores.

“The truth is it hurts to lose, it was very hard to have a loss in my career, but the words of the people who have been supporting me – it helped me out.

“I am more eager to come out there for a rematch. Many people tell me that the fight was very good, many tell me that I won, others tell me that it was at least a draw, but everyone has their opinion and we are soon going back to the gym to win the rematch.”



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