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Big Rogie has “sh*t himself” claims Big Sexy

Martin Rogan is looking for excuses to stay away from the big punching ‘Big Sexy.’

That is the view of a disgruntled Sean Turner [8(6)-0]. The heavyweight was keen to fight the former Commonwealth champion on the stacked November 5th card at the Titanic Exhibition Centee. However, the popular Belfast big man, who was also linked to Con Sheehan, told Irish-Boxing.com that the up-and-coming Dub was too far down the food chain for the veteran hard man.

‘Big Sexy’ is adamant that ‘Big Rogie’s’ is producing a smoke and mirrors act and is basically looking for an excuse to avoid being knocked out.

“I am not sure what Rogie is on about,” Turner told Irish-Boxing.com.

“He forgets when I was just three or four fights in he offered me ten grand to fight him. I was good enough then and now I am not? Now I haven’t the ranking? What was my ranking then?”

“He has just shit himself. He knows what I would do to him,” he continued before suggested that he hurt Rogan when the former friends used to spar.

“He remembers our spars and knows I would knock him out. I’ll admit it’s a big fight and he is a name in Belfast. That fight would sell tickets and fans would get excited about it. But I think he is scared and that’s what it comes down too. That is why he is looking for excuses what fighter looks at rankings? You are either a fighter or not.”

Rogan wasn’t the only fighter the former Senior Champ had verbal jibes for. The 25 year old MGM prospect claims another one of his Twitter spat buddies is also afraid to face him.

‘Big Sexy’ says known gatekeeper Jason Gavern turned down an offer to face him in the ring.

“It is a bit frustrating and then you have that mouthpiece Jason Gavern. He was offered  €15,000 for the fight and he said no. If he is a confident as he says he is, that is handy money for him. They all just love to talk and play the big man on Twitter.”

“I was hoping for an eight round Celtic Nations title fight, but it looks like it will be a six rounder first then we will look at eight rounds and titles, hopefully by the end of the year.”


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