Rogan critical of Haye v Harrison

16 September 2010 – Jonny Stapleton

Martin Rogan has labelled Audley Harrisons World heavyweight title fight with David Haye as a joke and claims he deserves a shot at boxing most prestigious strap ahead of the Olympic gold medallist.

Rogan, who is back training after a neck injury, joined the mass questioning of Harrisons, a fighter he previously defeated, world title credentials and even queried whether or not Haye was championship material.

Loveable rogue Roggie claims the November 13 WBA World title fight is a money-making racket and not true to the competitive nature of the sport.

The Belfast fighter also stressed he may not have financial backing at present but he has the talent to become king of the boxing world and he is going to do his best David Haye impression to ensure he get his shot.

If the inaugural Prizefighter winner can not punch his way into contention he will talk his was to a World title fight.

Does Audley Harrison deserve a shot at a world title? Not ahead of me he doesnt, Rogan told the Mirror.

Last year I would have said David Haye isnt entitled to one either. He came from cruiserweight and didnt have to prove himself at heavy. He got his World title by doing what he is good at – shooting his mouth off and thats fair enough. I am going to start shooting my mouth off too. I will fight and beat Harrision or Haye. I want any one of the two. Lets make it happen. I will bring the World title back to Ireland. I will beat any of these guys. he added before explaining why he thinks Harrison was chosen to challenge for WBA strap.

It is a case now that money talks. The sport that is boxing doesnt come into it. The more money you have or can make are the key factors of getting a fight now. It has a lot less to do with proven talent. Its not fair on the fans who pay money to see the best fighters compete. I am entitled to fight for that belt. If Audley Harrison was beaten by Martin Rogan then I am more than entitled to a shot.

Rogan hasnt fought since he controversial loses to Sam Sexton in 2009, but he is fighting fit and ready to brawl again and if the World title is the overall goal his short term target is British heavyweight champion Derek Chisora.

I am ready to come back now and I want to get back into the thick of the action. I want big fights I wont waste my fans time by taking on a journey man here and there. Derek Chisora has been shooting his mouth off and I would love to shut if for him.

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