Rogan and Fury in November 12 talks

By Jonny Stapleton

A massive fight between Irish big men Tyson Fury and Martin Rogan is a possibility once more.

Fury, who is looking to return to Belfast on a November 12 fight card, was keen to fight ‘The Iron Man’ on last Saturday nights show, but traded insults rather than blows with the inaugural Prizefighter winner as the pair failed to reach an agreement.

However, with the Manchester based giant desperate for an Irish title and the Belfast slugger in need of a high profile outing- after BBBC  failed to ratify his WBU world title shot-it seems the pair are willing to do business once again.

The pair have held peace talks so they can go to war come November 12.

Preliminary talks are underway and both camps are said to be confident the fight many Irish fight fans want to see can be made.

Indeed an under card that would include Martin Lindsay, Kevin O’Hara and Jamie Conlan is already being discussed.

Cork based Cuban Mike Perez has thrown his hat into the ring claiming he wants to ‘shut big mouth’ Fury up in November, but promoter Mick Hennessy is not in as a forgiving mood with the Rebel as he is with the Iron Man.

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