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Ricky Nesbitt aiming for Irish Title at new weight

Ricky Nesbitt picked up the Ulster Elite flyweight title last weekend on a walkover and now has his eyes set on the Irish title at his new weight.

The Drogheda little man finished runner-up at light flyweight last year to Wexford’s Connor Jordan but is confident that, a year older, wiser, and better, he will be able to claim the national crown at the weight above.

On Saturday he shared an exhibition with teenage Galway talent Adam Hession at the Ulster Hall and felt it was perfect preparations for an assault on the Seniors.

Nesbitt has switched clubs from Carrickmacross to the Holy Family outfit in his home town

“I know what I have to be doing next month,” Nesbitt told afterwards.

“I felt the rust, that’s why I want the rounds. Hession was probably peaking for his [Under-22] final – I’m not peaking yet, I’ll be looking to peak next month.”

Now up at 52kg, there was no lightbulb moment that prompted the move – not even the removal of the light flyweight class from the Olympics.

Instead, Nesbitt has sort of fallen into the division and is enjoying it.

The Louth puncher explained how “I was in Carrickmacross but then when I came across to Damien [McKenna, Holy Family coach], I put on a bit of weight and I just never saw myself going back down, I wanted to stay at 52kg. I was making it much healthier and I was enjoying it more”

“I’ve had a few wins at 52kg so I feel confident at the weight and I’m growing at the weight too”

“At 49kg, I felt good, in the finals last year I felt good. I just had my tactics wrong.”

Looking back on the loss to Jordan, Nesbitt feels he has improved massively over the last year and is ready to go one better next month.

He notes how “I was swinging, I wasn’t looking at the target. That’s one thing Frick [McMahon, Carrickmacross coach] pointed out, that I was looking at the body. Damien then took me onto the winning road, we worked on looking at the target and not looking down, focusing on my boxing more.”

“I’ve plenty of experience. I got the Senior experience, I got an international out of it, down in Mayo, then I’ve been over in the Haringey, boxed for Leinster, training camps with Ulster, the High Performance, I’m soaking it all in, learning from the boys, sparring with Olympians.”

“I’m looking forward to the challenge next month, I’m confident.”


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