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Rhys Again – Moran ready to fight foes after beating demons

Rhys Moran [1-1] is ready to get back to fighting opponents after fighting off some demons.

The Waterford light heavyweight hasn’t been seen in the squared circle since suffering defeat to Michal Loniewski in Belgium in 2021.

Fight fans aligned the Tramore southpaw’s absence to that reverse, which doesn’t look as bad as it did at first considering the Pole has gone on to shock other fighters more dramatically.

However, he revealed it was personal problems that stood between him and trading leather professionally over the last two years.

Speaking online Moran also confirmed he is now on the comeback trail, the ‘Kalifornia Kid’ assuring his fans he will fight on.

“I haven’t really been active on my socials for quite some time and a common question I am asked nearly on a daily is ‘are you still boxing’ or ‘have you gave up,'” he said in a statement online.

“The answer to that is I am indeed still boxing and I’ll continue to do so.

“I have been fighting some serious demons in my personal life for quite some time I’ve wanted to end my life I’ve walked around with a smile on my face but dead on the inside , I can safely say I’ve always been a friendly face and there for others when needed I have always said I’m known by many but cared by little and it’s true when I needed nobody showed I’ve had people try to destroy me and dictate my life and it was mentally draining. There’s only so much a person can take before it all comes crumbling down!

“Fast forward some time!

“Oh, where do I start? Ellie has and will always have my heart. I can safely say that! When Ellie met me I was that broken man trying to get a routine into my life again! She became my best friend often times would just sit there and leave me vent for hours without saying a word. She has stuck by me day in day out since we have met and I wondered why me? You can have anybody else why me? Someone so negative and dark!

“I’ve been fighting a bigger fight but im on the right track I’ve my family and my beautiful girlfriend and that’s all I need and want I’m on the come back to show everyone what I’m about no more distractions I owe this to them and to myself.”

Moran didn’t share a return date or any fight plans but he would be a more than welcome addition to a very exciting domestic scene, particularly around light heavyweight and super middle.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years