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Ray Moylette removes safety net as he plans pro takeover

Flaming redhead Ray Moylette has had a scorching start to life as a pro but has still the changes he feels will put a real fire under his Mayo backside.

The lightweight, who took the name ‘Sugar Ray’ moniker made famous by greats Robinson and Leonard in a deliberate move to pressure on himself, claims he has cranked things up a notch as he enters the next phase of his career.

His previous phases couldn’t have gone any better – Moylette has been Ireland’s busiest pro prospect and boxed on shows in Ireland, England, and America. He has developed an impressive record of 11-0 and cultivated a wide reaching fanbase in under a year and a half.

The 28-year-old seems to be on the perfect path – only an injury prevented him from topping a bill in America next month – and Assassin Boxing are working on a big ‘Into The West’ Winter homecoming.

However, the Celtic Warrior Gym puncher is wary of complacency and getting too comfortable.

Moylette feels he needs real hunger to achieve his world title goal and, in a bid to go from peckish to starving, he has taken away his safety net.

“I’m just after closing my gym, Sting Ray Fitness Academy, on [last] Tuesday after five years. I made the decision to focus on my boxing career with no distractions,” Moylette explained to Irish-Boxing.com.

“I have no safety net and no Plan B. You thought you had seen a hungry Ray Moylette before? Throw me into the ring hungry, with nothing in my pocket, and you will see the real Sugar Ray.”

The majority of early doors fighters – and indeed contenders – do hold down a job as well as punch for pay and those that make the switch to full time often preach about the benefits. 

Luke Keeler is probably the current full-time poster boy and is both relaying stories of improvement and showing that bit extra in the ring since he ditched his job as a engineer.

The ever-entertaining and media savvy Moylette seems to believe adding a similar sole focus to the game will help him reach the top. 

“I want to give my life to becoming a world champion. I didn’t want to fall between two stools. I can always come back to the gym. I have just a couple of years to take the world by storm.”

“I have the best possible team around me at this moment and I believe the time is right to out everything on the line.”

Although he didn’t go into it in too much detail, the Paschal Collins-trained fighter also hints that going full time will enable him to focus on himself as a person too, suggesting he can continue to work on some personal issues and a more positive mindset.

“I’m taking time to work on myself as well. I’ve had a couple of issues over the last few years on my down time. I’ve addressed all problems and I’m on a rebuild from the inside out,” he added before predicting a takeover.

“I have taken a lot in my life for granted but I realise now how important the people closest to me are. The next time you see me in the ring it will be special.”

“I’ve worked too hard over the last number of years to let this slip. I’ve been in full time training since 2007 so you can imagine all the ups and downs. Physically, technically, and mentally I’ve upped my game and I’m ready to take over.”


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