Quigley ‘delighted’ step up in class didn’t stop him putting opponent down

THERE are fighters who talk about banking rounds with the same glee as one Ebeneezer Scrooge would banking money, but Jason Quigley certainly isn’t one of those.

The Irish super middleweight prospect is one of those ‘i don’t get paid for overtime’ kind of pugilists and is ‘delighted’ to get the job done early.

Last Thursday night the Golden Boy fighter traded leather with Joshua Snyder live on Fox TV and the ‘Berlin Bomber’ was expected to force a prolonged shift out of the Donegal favourite.

However, like all before him the American, who had brought the man Andy Lee beat to claim the WBO middleweight title Matt Korobov the distance over eight rounds, couldn’t bring Quigley to the scorecards.

The 23 year old continued his dream start to pro life at the Fantasy Springs Hotel stopping Snyder just 44 seconds into the second round to push his record to six wins all coming by way of knockout.

And unlike the round banking enthusiasts Quigley rejoiced in another stoppage win post fight.

Speaking to Chris McNulty of the Donegal News he said

“There is no better feeling than hitting a man and seeing him go to the canvas. Whenever you drop him is a great feeling – I’m delighted.

“I caught him with the left hook and I could see his eyes hit the ceiling and his legs buckled. He was falling slowly so the right hand just came as well to keep him down; the right sort of came out of instinct.

“I’m very happy with the night’s work. I went in there and it was a step up in class against a guy with 21 fights and he’d gone the distance with a former world title challenger.”

“It was a bit of a step up in class and I expected to maybe have to go the distance.

“He didn’t have the amateur experience that I do. I’m used starting fast, getting in there and catching the judges early on. That’s what I wanted to do tonight, get the jab going, dictate the pace and hold the centre of the ring.”


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