Quigg on collision course with Frampton

By Jonny Stapleton

Scott Quigg got a close look at Carl Frampton for the first time earlier this month, but saw nothing in the Belfast fighters most recent win to discourage him from getting up close and personal with his fellow hot prospect.

Quigg had a ring side seat as the ‘The Jackal’ tore apart Wallaby Mark Quon to  become Commonwealth champion. However despite admitting Frampton looked impressive the English super bantamweight claimed he didn’t witness anything to scare him.

The fighter, who will challenge Jason Booth for the British title on Ocotber 22 and was flown over to Belfast by Sky Sports, believes the pair are on a collision course and is looking forward to proving he and not Frampton is the best super bantamweight prospect in Europe.


“I was in Belfast to watch a future opponent Carl Frampton,” Quigg told Mirror Sport. “It is a fight that is going to happen. Obviously I have to over come Jason Booth first and I expect that to be a tough and hard, but I am confident I can win. If Carl keeps winning too there will be a big fight down the line. Carl did what I expected of him against Quon. He looked good, but there was nothing there to scare me. He is coming through and proving himself here and I am doing the same in England. We will keep winning and get a big fight on and I am looking forward to it. I want big fights and a fight between Carl and myself is a big fight. ”

Like most fight aficionados the undefeated 22 year old would have preferred to see Frampton fight the originally scheduled opponent Kiko Martinez.

However unlike Belfast fight fans, the Ricky Hatton promoted and much hyped pugilist  wasn’t after entertainment value. Quigg claims a bout with the European champion would have given a true indication of the Barry McGuigan mentored fighters talent.

“You can’t really judge a fighter after a fight with Mark Quon. If Carl would have fought Kiko Martinez we would have had a more of an understanding to where he is at. I have much tougher fight coming up against Jason Booth and we will find out a lot more about me than we did about Carl when he fought Quon. In fairness he did his job and fair play to him, well done.”

Despite declaring he would have preferred to see The Celtic and Commonwealth champion against the more experienced Spaniard, Quigg reveals he thought ’The Jackal’ had bitten of more than he could chew in agreeing to fight the three time continental champ.

“Personally I thought Kiko might have proven a bit too soon. Carl is a better boxer but Kiko had more experience. Natural ability wise you lean toward Carl but it’s the experience of fighting lads at the top that stands to you in big fights so I would have backed Kiko,” Quigg added.







“I am confident I can beat him. I am sure he is the same. He is getting hyped over here and I am sure he is feeling pressure, but he is backing it all up with performances at the minute. It is the same for me back home, but I will keep backing it up.”

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