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Preparing for a boxing fight is simpler than preparing for MMA clash say Mcgregor coach

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Preparing for Floyd Mayweather is ‘simpler’ than preparing for Nate Diaz suggests Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh.

Kavanagh is involved in his first professional boxing camp and is in the middle of preparing UFC star Conor McGregor for a bout with 49-0 boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

While it might be all new to the respected MMA coach he claims he finds preparing for a boxing clash that bit easier than readying his charge for a mixed martial arts bout.

“I get in trouble when I say this, but it’s simpler because there’s just less skills involved as opposed to getting ready for mixed martial arts,” he told the McGregor owned MMA news site ‘The MAC Life’

“Boxing is an element. Obviously for Boxing in MMA, we don’t go into it as detailed as you do for boxing sake, however it’s still one of a myriad of skills that you need for MMA. So it’s simpler, but on the flip side, it’s very interesting because you get to really delve deep into what it is that is boxing.”

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