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Pink Tyson says she has the “balls’ to beat Katie Taylor

Not quite the infamous Iron Mike Tyson or even former Irish champion Tyson Fury, but there is a Tyson gunning for Katie Taylor.

Pink Tyson has relocated to Britain a bid to gain a profile worthy enough of securing a pay day with the biggest draw on the female side of the sport.

The fighter, real name Kallia Kourouni [8(1)-1(0)], registered a narrow points win over Bojana Libiszewska, a fighter Natasha Jonas stopped, at super featherweight on the same show that John Joe Nevin made a successful return to the ring in Tolworth last Friday.

She is obviously hopeful bouts with the likes of Jonas can and other emerging names in the sport can happen, but says she is ready to move up to lightweight to challenge WBA World champion Taylor [7(4)-0].

Indeed, the Pink Tyson is confident she would defeat the Irish fighter claiming her ‘bigger balls’ would negate Taylor’s lauded skill set.

“I am ready. All fighters must believe, I believe in myself very much and I feel ready. Of course Katie Taylor has more experience and technique, she’s more clever when she fights, but I have bigger balls!”
“If you tell me tomorrow I have to fight her, I’ll fight her. She has five good things, but, I have one thing and that is the most important in boxing,” she said.

“I’m Pink Tyson, I’m already a big name, but in the future I have to fight with those girls. I respect them, they are very good boxers, but I’m better. If you want someone to respect you, you must fight for this. I’ve come to the UK to fight because I want them all to respect me.”

The Greek fighter who most recently fought out of Germany is now being coached by John Edwards and he is equally as confident Kourouni can be a success. 

“Katie Taylor will not be a problem, she’s a name, but the name we want to be hearing is Pink Tyson. She’s the number one I’ve never trained anyone like her. If I say jump, she jumps three foot, If I say four foot she jumps five. But I’m known quite over for technical boxers and with her art I call her Roberto Duran, she’s got that style, but I’ve got to put a bit of Floyd Mayweather in her.”

“Once we get that right and get her in condition, we won’t have two here we’ll have all the belts, and everyone will be on board, get on board with Pink Tyson!”

Kourouni would labour to a 96-95 win over Libiszewska on Saturday and many have dismissed her top-level capabilities.

However, as we have seen so often in the past, profile and notoriety can trump in terms of making fights – and Taylor may now have another rival with name recognition.

Taylor herself defends her belt on Wednesday December 13th at the York Hall in London against Jessica McCaskill.



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